Truly New Testament is a place for serious Believers with a desire to become a “TRUE Christian.” A place for those who would say, "That in ALL Things in my Life HE May Always Take FIRST Place."

In the words of the Author Bondman & Beloved


ALL of the Truly New Testament Messages written here have ONE obvious goal: to ensure YOU get to Heaven - not Hell - quite simply because you know and are CERTAIN that you really are what I call a True Christian!! Here's a SHOCKER!! - you can TRUST me that it's fairly RARE to find a really True Christian!! MOST Western church goers are NOT (and so that may well include YOU – despite what you currently think!)


Truly New Testament simply and clearly sets forth, SOLELY from the NEW TESTAMENT (with NO denominational bias), the Major Truths you MUST first of all KNOW, then LIVE, if you're to have ANY hope at all of becoming a real and true Christian Believer... in order to be with the Lord forever!

TOTALLY CRUCIAL!!! You need to read ALL of the Messages here! WHY? Because they're all IMPORTANT (or I wouldn't have written them). Most folks come, read a couple of Messages, and leave. Hey, maybe you DO know much, most, or even all of a specific Message ** - BUT are you actually living it all? Thing is, if you STOP reading altogether, you will completely MISS other Messages with CRITICAL TRUTHS you have NEVER been taught (just like I never was!) - truths that are absolutely CRUCIAL to your future - either WITH God, or WITHOUT Him!! Please, please do NOT let that happen!!


Is getting you to heaven the only goal of Truly New Testament? Absolutely NOT!! It's simply a STARTING point. And it's absolutely NOT the primary reason to become a Christian, OR the primary reason Jesus came to earth and died for you!! So what IS? Well, THAT is exactly why you need to read ALL, and I do mean ALL, of the Messages here. You have to KNOW with certainty, and be LIVING out, all of the MAJOR truths the New Testament sets forth - and here is where you can learn WHAT they are, PLUS HOW to live them!!


Please recognise that the true Christian life is NOT an easy one. If what you want is a bed of roses then you will never become a real Christian. It will COST you everything, and ALL of you - yet the Spiritual rewards (NOT temporal ones!) that you begin to experience will ultimately bring into your life Joy and Peace and Love and Freedom, AND getting to personally KNOW a wonderful and astonishing God - such that you'll find yourself blessed in ways you could never have imagined possible!! Would I ever be tempted to go back to my earlier life? NEVER!!!!


With the Lord God as our Focus of ALL Parts of our Life, We Have HIS Peace filling our Hearts!

** A lady who believed she was saved went to a new church which had been recommended to her. After attending for 4 Sundays and hearing 4 Sermons, she thought to herself: "But I already know all of that! This is just a waste of time and I'm not coming back." And she didn't, stopping church altogether. But the very next Sunday - when she was not there! - the Pastor preached about a crucially important salvation matter that she had never heard, had never been taught. Five Sundays after that another crucial message concerning Salvation, and again four Sundays after that. She missed all three of these critical Salvation messages because she was sure she knew it all!

At the Judgement she was utterly shocked when Jesus placed her in the goats' group, headed for an eternity IN HELL!! By failing to seek ALL of God's truth CONSISTENTLY and PERSISTENTLY, along with her impatience and quite unwarranted self-certainty she totally missed out, and paid the heaviest price possible!! It truly IS that serious!!

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