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Truly New Testament is a project that started under the name "The Inner Room" on January 1, 2008, by a man who has a big heart and a message (actually many) about his Saviour and our relationship. Originally found on the Christian Forum Site (referred to as CFS) the messages were well received and should you pay a visit there you'll find a great deal of interaction on these message threads. It was decided by some members that these needed to be published in a format that was easy to use to gain the full benefit. So here they are. Before continuing here is a bit about Bondman in his own words.


Bondman & Beloved ME AND MY BELOVED

I call myself Bondman because I chose to be a full-time servant/bondman/bond-slave to Jesus in 1999 - and I call my dear, dear wife Beloved because she is! I am 73 yrs old and helping people via the Net is my full-time ministry. I write SHORT Messages of the things God has gloriously taught me these past 50+ years of walking with Him, and specifically since 1984 when the Holy Spirit began to teach me how to live a full and TRUE Christian life according to all of God's teachings in the New Testament (very, very sadly, few churches ever succeed in doing this).

Only by His grace I am now a mature Christian, and have specific gifts from Him, like the Gift of Teaching His glorious Gospel. As a bondman to Jesus I've willingly given up ALL of my personal rights to Him, i.e., I live to serve Him, ONLY Him, forever (and thus serve you), and to do my very, very best to OBEY all those things that God commands us to do.

The Holy Spirit has taught me the Scriptures (still learning), and as mentioned above, most specifically the New Testament, where we all must live our lives since Jesus came to earth and died for our sins - ushering in a totally New Covenant! 

My Dedication: is to my Lord and Master, then to YOU who choose to become part of Truly New Testament, committed to reading every Message and becoming a real and true Christian man or woman!! I want nothing LESS than for YOU to gain a NEW knowledge and understanding of our Blessed Lord Himself - that will change your life FOREVER!!

Much love and blessings to YOU from us!!

 - Bondman (BM), always with the support of his precious Lady. 


Bondman's messages can be viewed as a textbook on ”How to Become a TRUE Christian,” and to become a “True Christian” one must read, study and pray about the Truths found in the New Testament; and then live by those truths. Bondman in his 50 years or so in his Christian walk has studied the Bible and been led to these Truths about our Christian life and walk. 

So let's take a walk together through the New Testament as Bondman lay's out what the New Testament really says about this thing we call a Christian walk and our relationship with God. 

You might ask, "What do I need to get started?" All you'll need is the willingness to venture out on a journey that will lead to a life as a “True Christian.” We've provided everything you could need right here, except note paper, and even that can be done on your computer. Every page has links to the reference material that Bondman uses. In addition there are other study help tools made available. Within the messages Bondman either quotes the scripture or there is a handy tool available just by placing your mouse cursor over the Bible reference (and perhaps clicking). 

Don't have a Bible. That's not a problem either since direct links are provided to the Bible versions that Bondman references plus a Bible verse lookup tool. 

We are so glad you have decided to join with us in this exciting journey. When finished (or probably well before) you'll find your life will never be the same. 

God Bless. 

The "Truly New Testament" team 

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