What's Our First EVER Reality in Our Lives?

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I'd been on the bed ("prayer closet!") praying and meditating, with my eyes closed and for some time. I opened them and firstly saw the far wall with pics and knick-knacks Beloved has on them just for me. BUT... as I glanced at the walls to the left and the right and back to that wall a really strong thought simply FLEW into my mind: "None of this is REAL!!" Not reality; not reality at all.

Of course I knew if I banged my head on the wall it would hurt a fair bit, but it's only plaster board, from and of this earth. Okay then, I thought, so what IS reality. Well Jesus, the One I'd just been with and talking to. But... to many He is not real - even to church-goers and all. He lived and died, and rose from the dead, sure. And He may be their Saviour - maybe - but not really real.

Perhaps prayer is real then. Talking to God. Nope, that's the same as above - real to a few but not to most. Of course eternity where God is, that's real. But we're not THERE, are we, we're here - quite SURROUNDED by earthly things. I pondered this for quite some time and here's what I decided. In fact you and I are here for less then 1 miniscule microsecond compared to the forever-ness of eternity. It'll soon be over, folks!!

Over in a split second. So what then IS real for us? The first EVER thing that will be truly REAL is... the very moment we die (as we all will). Inevitable! For the rich and the poor, the well and the ill people, the successes and the failures, the Believer and the unbeliever, the good and the most diabolically evil. DEATH for us all is our first 'tangible' - if that word is not out of place! - our very first tangible REALITY!!

From there reality continues pretty quick indeed by earthly standards! Soon we find ourselves in the large group with most folks you know, OR in the small group with just a few. Bound for hell's punishment forever OR peace and love and joy in God's presence, with HIM, forever. All of that is real too. It's either fabulous, blissful reality OR horror-and-worse reality.

Make sure death, your first reality, sees YOU going towards the right group. Don't guess at it, mess with it, or simply 'hope' about it. ENSURE that you have done and are doing ALL of the things I've written about in other threads so you know, for absolute CERTAIN, your final destiny.

Much love (agape of course!)

- BM, with his lady

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