IMPORTANT: The Doing of It All

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I try not to repeat things I've already written. But: a) It's ultimately inevitable that I do, but b) it's also necessary. Why necessary? As a timely reminder to numbers of folks! *smile* Why? Because most of us know more than we are living. That, too, is inevitable, and is true of virtually all of us. First we LEARN - then we have to figure out HOW to actually get this into our lives. Which of course, can take time.

But for some, well they know piles which they're simply NOT living out. Is this okay? At that level of knowledge, no, it is NOT! A head full of truths not being lived is a true spiritual tragedy!

Alright then, how can I start living out the things I know? 1) By determining that you will do this. 2) And determining that you will CHANGE whatever is needed in your life to make this happen!! Changing what? Could be: a) A lack of sufficient faith and commitment in JESUS in your life. b) Highly likely a lack of effective repentance of all sin. Why repentance specifically? Because it means TO CHANGE YOUR MIND - which so far you haven't done concerning NUMBERS of things in your life AND past life. Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent. ACTS 17:30

Get to it! TODAY!!! Put it off till tomorrow and it won't happen. NOTE: God clearly says that your faith alone will NOTsave you - unless it leads to good WORKS, especially like selflessly taking care of other believers: i.e., serious Christian living that will really start WORKING for you. You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. JAMES 2:24b. More on this quite soon.

Test yourself on this matter. How much did you GROW in Christ (become different) in the past year? In the last 5 years? Are you SHOCKED??

The above will very much APPLY to what I expect to put up next. You may well look at it and say, "But I already KNOW all of that!" Maybe you do. BUT ARE YOU LIVING IT? - i.e., you do need to read this message and start to DO it. It may also be used for an unbeliever (or backslider) to read: send your friends the message, trusting God to move their hearts towards Him!

Much love!!

- BM, with his Lady

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