Why is Grace So Important to YOU?

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The word 'Grace' is often teamed with mercy in the Scriptures - and that's such a great teaming!! Grace itself is a major part of Who God truly is, and has been defined as: God's undeserved love and favour towards YOU!! That's what Grace is!!

But why do we so DESPERATELY need grace in our lives? - because we all sin against HIM every day of our whole lives, that's why! And that's even if it's only FAILING to do all that we MUST (i.e., disobeying Him). For example, do you love God 100%, and 100% of the time? We're commanded to, but fail: thus we all constantly sin against Him!!

Serious?? - oh, YES!! So much so that first we must confess our sin to God (both admit to Him and name our sins) then seriously repent (changing our mind) about how we've committed all that sin and wrong!! - else risk spending eternity in hell's punishment rather than spending it with God and his angels in all His wondrous glory!! This is an either-or situation: NO repentance and sorrow for your sin against Him and it's destination: hell for you - when it could and should have been destination: heaven!!

Often we 'define' God as Love, because He surely IS 'agape' (= utterly selfless love!) In "Grace" there's this addition to God's wondrous agape: the fact that it is utterly UNDESERVED by us, BUT He daily showers it upon us anyway!!! That's grace!! Without it, God would immediately condemn you and me, and every human being on the planet to hell's punishment forever (that being His justice side).

But way, way back God's grace said, "Wait a minute. There's an answer to this. But it would truly COST YOU, My beloved Son, cost You so much! And Myself also!" (The Father suffered appallingly watching His Son, Jesus, suffer hell in our place while ON that horrendous Cross, but did not, could not, intervene! Jesus had to go through ALL of the agony, right to DEATH for you and me, else not even one of us could ever be saved from hell).

Thus God conceived of Jesus paying the total price, FOR us, of ALL of our sin and sins, and in the fullness of time He did exactly that - for you and for me!! Wow!!! In turn, this was agape from and by Jesus!!! - setting us free forever!!

"By grace you have been saved through (your) faith... as God's gift," which most church-goers know. But fewer probably understand: "Not by works, lest any man should boast (about what he's done)." EPHESIANS 2:8,9. We must TRUST (believe in) the death of Jesus on our behalf to save us, and that is IT!! - trusting our whole life to Him!!! Not even the most MAGNIFICENT works can ever save you. BUT... unless your FAITH and trust leads you to good works for others, then you remain unsaved and hell-bound.

"Show me your faith without your works, and I'll show you my faith BY my works." JAMES 2:18. The operative word being 'show', i.e., demonstrate, clearly illustrate, prove. This is our faith - true and real faith - WORKING!! But there's very little of this WORKING to be truly seen in the lives of people in the church (maybe including yours!!) *deepest sadness!...*

So we've looked at the completeness of grace, and how it's intimately involved in critical matters in ALL our lives - like sin, faith, works, hell, and heaven. Live this message, and share this. Tell a friend where to go to read it. Then make sure you can speak it to others. 'Give it away' and it will be yours forever! Love (agape!) and blessings to all!!

- BM, with his Lady

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