May He Truly REIGN in Your Heart!!

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SweetSurrender in her a post made this amazing statement: "The most important thing right now though is I am establishing His reign in my heart and I am falling deeper and deeper in love with Him."

First she said that she is establishing His reign in her heart. What does that mean? Well, my take on what she said is that God's reign in her heart is for Him to be King there, in all ways, in all things, at all times. If you like you can consider it as Jesus reigning as Lord over all of your life. Or being your Master with you as His servant (a bondman like me). Paul in 1 TIMOTHY 6:14,15 referred to: our Lord Jesus Christ as the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. May He be so in all of our lives!!

The tragedy is that most folks never seem to get round to doing anything even vaguely like this. They let "life" keep them from it. Whereas Sweets has come to deeply see it as an essential (IT IS!!), and is involved in making it true for her and real in her life. Maybe it depends where you are looking - either at the world around you, or at eternity to come, as come it will and that right soon!

Unless you stop going round with your nose pointed at the ground, you'll never see the glories to come that I've written about many times here. You'll never stop living an "ordinary, world-focused" life, God will never become real to you, and your life will never change - for the better!! How dreadful and awful for you!!

Catch the vision. Catch the vision of God reigning in your heart and life, being real to you, close to you, active in your daily living. You being HIS, as you stand up and say: "YOU are my God. I belong to YOU! I want to always be Yours and to make You happy. I want to love You more and more, and I SO want to please and obey You!" May it be for you and me like Paul amazingly said to the church at Rome in ROMANS 16:19a: Your obedience is known to all. WOW!!

Maybe you'd like to pray: "I'm willing to do the hard yards like Sweets was talking about. I'll DO that, I WILL!! I know it's not supposed to be a Sunday School Picnic. I get that. And I will work on obeying You with the things I know to. I've read some here in the IR but I haven't got serious about them. Today I'm going to start to be - taking it one step at a time."

Are you GAME? - to do that? C'mon, be in it! Get serious and start now. This is ultimately for YOUR best (though that's NOT the reason to do it, nor the right focus). It's just that you will NEVER ultimately lose by pleasing God. That's just not possible! I'm looking forward to hearing about YOU catching the Vision!!! Bless you abundantly in this great new endeavour!!

- BM, with his Lady

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