A New Take on Repenting

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If you're a reader of my messages and you don't get the importance of repenting of all of your sin against God by now, then I'm an ex-teacher and will be reaching for a big stick! *hee!*

So what does confessing and changing your mind about your sin (repenting) actually DO? Well, for one thing it clears the way for you to come to the Lord Jesus, which without repentance is simply NOT going to happen (even if it LOOKS like it has!!) Very serious!!!

But some may say, "Hey, I came to Jesus without repenting." Well, there are many millions in the world who think they are saved but are not, and "coming to Jesus without repenting" is UNsaved. If we want to be with God forever we must 'play' by His rules. Making up our own is simply kidding ourselves, and will NEVER work.

Repentance also opens you up to God's love, whereas unrepentance leaves an impenetrable wall between you and Him. So you get NO agape from Him. He's there aching to LOVE YOU, but cannot until you take the step of earnestly repenting which His word commands that you must.

Paul to the Greeks on Mars Hill said that God now commands all men everywhere to repent. Why? It's deadly serious: because He has appointed a day when He will judge the world justly through Jesus!! ACTS 17:30-31 The Amplified gives a great summary of what your repenting really means: "To change your mind for the better and heartily to amend your ways, with abhorrence of your past sins." - Thayer.

Fail to do that and you'll want to greatly fear the judgement. That is, Scripture here and elsewhere tie together repentance and the judgement. I don't know about you but at the judgement I want to be counted worthy - in Jesus - of eternal life WITH God, NOT the other place! If you DON'T want to go there, then get serious about confession of your sin and repenting of it all.

SUMMARY: Without REPENTANCE there can be no BELIEVING in Jesus!! Without repentance AND believing in Him, there can be NO SALVATION!!! God bless you as you work on this essential matter!!

- BM, with his Lady

EDIT: Every time you start being OBEDIENT about something, e.g., cleaning up your speech, setting your life to start caring for other Believers, you are in a sense REPENTING, because you are very much CHANGING YOUR MIND! These days I specifically say sorry and repent before my God when He reveals to me a new sin from the past that I'd (sometimes conveniently) forgotten.

Previously I think I 'repented' by increasing my obedience to the Lord. Just a new slant on this CRUCIAL matter that I've realised!

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