Disciple! messages are definitely for the more mature Christian. Great messages to challenge you and help you to really GROW more deeply into Christ Jesus!
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Disciple! What's it About? 1519
Satan - and Making It to God in Heaven! 1636
"The Devil Made Me Do It!" 1816
You CAN Have VICTORY Over Sin in Your Life! 1605
Don't look DOWN, Look UP! 1549
Human Activity... is a NO! 1526
The New Testament Love Commandments - Part A 1573
The New Testament Love Commandments - Part B 1817
But Who Wants to Hear About Tribulation? 1634
Help From the Holy Spirit - What's OUR Part? - Part A 1500
When We Need the Holy Spirit to Be Active in Our Lives - Part B 1685
Error Multiplies and is VERY Dangerous - plus the Tribulation! 1485
Yes, but WHEN Will Jesus be Ready to Return? 1439
Bondman, a Message, and the Devil 1695
What Should We Actually DO With The Old Testament? - Part A 2193
Then What Should We Actually Do With The NEW Testament? - Part B 1511
Agape - Our FAITH and Our (Good) WORKS 1509
tnorF ot kcaB (Back to Front) - Part A 1596
You Really Need to: Change Your Mind! - Part B 1504
Looking Forward to Our Spiritual Future!! - Part A 1787
It's CRUNCH Point: SERIOUSLY Getting Ready for Our Total Future with God - Part B 1454
You and Me - DECISIONS! - Part C 2161
Getting Ready for the Tribulation 1696
How Do You Eat an Elephant? 1565
Misconceptions, Confusions, Presumptions, and More 1537
Teaching in a School in Far North Queensland... a Wonderful Discipleship Story! 1559
The Tribulation and the Rapture - What Happens WHEN? 2804
Getting Guidance from the Lord - Closed and Open Doors 2296
Gospel for Asia