Following Jesus as True Disciples

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1st in the Blood of Jesus series!

We now start the business end of Disciple! Here is a 'straight-talk', no punches pulled look at where we are and where we're going!! Take a deep breath, and LET'S GO!!!

True, living, lasting-into-eternity Christianity requires total commitment. TOTAL!!! That's the standard Jesus set for us, and it's extremely rare to find in our societies - because so many churches and ministers have watered that down to a kind of "if you feel like it" or "If you get around to it". FACT: Jesus COMMANDED US to reach the unreached (those who've never heard the Gospel), and for discipling to be done - clearly requiring a Discipler/Teacher who knows Jesus and His Words and the Disciple who learns from him.

Jesus taught as one with authority and HE pulled no punches at any time! He expected His disciples to listen up and aim to DO WHAT HE SAID. As your Discipler in this series I also expect you to listen up and to aim to do what I say. If you DON'T then YOU'RE the loser (not me, not anyone else!!) by freely choosing NOT to be a disciple... So I expect you to get the FREE BOOK from the previous message, and after reading, share it with others!!

We're NOT messing round here, brothers and sisters of mine, and that's because we have only TWO clear choices - either to get serious about following Jesus (which is what I'm teaching you) OR not to follow Him at all!!! There is no middle course, NO fence anywhere around to go sit on, so don't bother looking! Either you're IN or you're OUT!! If you're in, then the actual REWARDS are so mammoth that they are difficult to adequately explain (tho I promise to try!!) - and they FAR, FAR outweigh the cost!! But make NO mistake that COST there WILL be!!!

So take a serious minute right now to truly look at, and consider HOW MUCH it COST the Lord Jesus to redeem and save us!!! Following Him means costs to US as well. If you're not willing to bear them, to please your God (and gain heavenly rewards later), then don't be a Disciple. Your decision, okay...


- BM (with his Lady)

EDIT! - Please be with me in earnest prayer for each other as we all make our IMPORTANT decision! Bless you!!!

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