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2nd in our "Blood of Jesus" Series

As a committed Christian your life can have real VALUE during your short time on this earth. Or it can have virtually NO VALUE at all, which is true for most Western church-goers. This may even have been true FOR YOU for most of the time you've considered yourself a Christian. We are about to - just step by step - CHANGE all of that, so DO hang in with me. If you feel overwhelmed, or that you can't keep up at any point, DO NOT QUIT!!!! Just trust the Lord, relax, rest, ask the Lord for help from the Holy Spirit to keep you going, did I say 'trust'? - and just hang in there!!!

FACT: under God, YOU are in charge of your life at all times! NOT me! I've said that I want you to do your very best to do what I say. Cos that will profit YOU the most!!! - and especially later on in Eternity!! - watch for this info: COMING! What we must look at now, however, is how seriously we are simply wasting our time, that we are NOT living the Christian life (only what we THINK is the Christian life, as that's what we've been taught), and we're seriously wasting our money and resources. Don't feel too bad about this, as the CHURCH is doing all of these things too (I'm going to give you the facts and figures!!), but we can't change the CHURCH - whereas we CAN - and must - CHANGE US!!

I'm sure you know by now what or who is the BENEFICIARY of all this wastefulness we're all on about!! If there's one thing no human needs any tutoring or teaching about it's how to look after NUMERO UNO!!! We automatically know how to do this, and we just as automatically do it - all the time!! But we have to STOP this selfishness and this SIN!!

I propose that we give ourselves something much BETTER to focus on, to HELP us get our focus OFF ourselves- else it's NEVER going to happen. Does that make sense? I CAN and I SHOULD get my life-focus off ME by replacing 'me' with GOD. Agree? But God is a spirit, Who we cannot see, feel, smell, touch, so that's NOT always easy, is it! SOLUTION: let's REFOCUS our whole life, our thoughts, our feelings, our very being, ALL of who we are, onto... OTHER PEOPLE!!! By doing this WITH God, and FOR God - ultimately we're solving ALL of our 'ME' problem!!!

But exactly who? Which people? A total of 6½ billion for us to CHOOSE from!! Maybe those of our Brothers and Sisters who are in dire NEED of any kind? Oh, absolutely!! That's PRIMARY, and a total ESSENTIAL to our salvation! I know we're NOT doing this, so we'll do work on this soon as there's time (meantime you may click and very carefully read) Matthew 25:31-46. But if we're caring for the NEEDY is that enough, sufficient to know that we're following Jesus, which we looked at in the previous message? ANSWER: no, it's certainly NOT!!

Have you ever analysed the things Jesus spent His time doing when He was here? 1) He spent a whole pile of time caring for and helping the NEEDY. They were everywhere! - but astonishingly He took care of them all. 2) But then He TAUGHT and PREACHED, and what He taught was the Message of the Kingdom, of His Father's Kingdom here on earth, i.e., of God's Kingdom coming to BE IN US!! - the WAY into which HE was going to sacrifice Himself to provide!! Choose to actually FOLLOW HIM as we talked about in the previous message, and we'll be doing exactly the same as He did!!! HOW exactly did He manage to do it all? Same way as we need to: a) by the POWER of God's Spirit in Him, and b) by being OBEDIENT to GOD!

So in the above paragraph we now have our CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS!! We have the BLUEPRINT, the MAP of what we must do. AND we also have the TWO THINGS that we'll need in order to succeed in following God's MAP FOR OUR LIVES!! HOMEWORK!! *hee!* What I want you to do is write down the two things HE did that we'll be FOLLOWING, and also the two things that HE had, that WE also need, in order to succeed at our task.


- BM (with his Lady)

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