The Blood of Jesus is Crying Out for JUSTICE!!

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IN THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE I DID NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO PERSONALLY DO all the things I asked you to write down!!I I said WE (the "Royal We!!"), all of us, have to communally get these tasks done - you know, the foot with the little finger, plus the ear, and so on, WORKING TOGETHER, like Paul said (click to read) 1 Corinthians 12:14-24.

I hope you wrote down what we have to do and/or help get DONE: 1. We have to care for the NEEDY 2. We have to teach the Message of the Kingdom, i.e., the Good News, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then HOW to do this: 1. By the power of God's Spirit in us, and 2. Being OBEDIENT to God. Alright let's get straight on to the matter of the "something MUCH BETTER" (much better than "me, me, me") that I proposed for us to get the FOCUS of our whole life changed!!

I promised to blow you're mind, and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now, starting with #2 that we wrote down!! Please follow this all carefully: #2 says that we have to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus to the world, according to His COMMAND to us in MATTHEW 28:19a: Go and TEACH and MAKE DISCIPLES of all the NATIONS, i.e., of all races, nations, people groups throughout the whole world!!! So what do YOU think? Is the church DOING this?

It's said that there are lies and statistics! But here are FIGURES I promised you, to show you what the church is doing. As they're compiled from various places, they do vary according to who compiled them and when, but I believe they are good enough for what we MUST see and understand. In considering who has heard the Gospel and who has not, THREE GROUPS of individuals are usually used: A, B, and C. Here they are explained:


So B and C people have been evangelised as you can see, whereas A people have been IGNORED!! (B folks have been evangelised: some responded, some didn't). The horrific SHOCK is that of the 6½ billion souls in the world, as many as 3 billion are in the World A group!!! - that is, they are unevangelised and unreached with the Good News of Jesus!! Now I have to tell you that the LOGIC of the church (as well as action) seems to be unbelievably FLAWED and HOPELESS (as you'll see for yourself). I firmly believe that you will do better!! So, if Jesus put YOU in charge of distribution of the church's resources worldwide - like money, literature, manpower - out of A, B, and C which would you send the majority of it to?

Please think carefully. Which group? Have you got your answer? Alright, then lock it in! (*hee!*) Let's now see if your answer tallies with what the church is currently DOING. Here's THEIR answer:


On these figures, the church and church organisations are annually pouring a massive 1½ trillion dollars into C -people that are already FULLY EVANGELISED!!! Poor World A people then get the dregs of a paltry $800,000!!!! Already evangelised people get a massive 94% of the take, while those who've never heard of Jesus' Salvation get just 0.5%!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! I told you the church has no logic, didn't I. And I promised to blow your hat right off your head as well! Look carefully at the data in the graphics again. To me this is nothing less than Spiritual CRIMINAL INTENT!!! But there's more!...

The next figures were published in a book and are now out of date, but the end result will be the same today - or maybe even worse. Evangelical Christians in the US earn $700 billion a year. They give $21 billion of that amount (that's 3%) to the church. The church then gives $2.1 billion of the original income figure (0.3%) to missions. But of that 0.3% only 0.0029% goes to the unreached and unevangelised. If you take a year 2000 annual income of $31,380 and multiply that by 0.0029% you end up with how much each Christian gives EACH YEAR to reach those WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD: a whopping 91¢. In case that was too small to read, it was a whopping 91¢ a year!! That's just 91¢ out of a total 3,138,000¢ - with much of the remainder used in the wrong way, wrong place, squandered and wasted!!

The Blood of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour cries out against this appalling injustice, perpetrated by an apparently blind church, against the helpless and most unreached souls, most of whom are also the needy: in need of help and support for the basics of life. But His precious blood gets NO answer - unless WE provide it. And we can!! Please keep firmly in mind that by the END of this Series you will KNOW exactly how simply you can literally CHANGE THE WORLD - without leaving home. STAY TUNED...


- BM (with his Lady)

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