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4th in our "Blood of Jesus" Series

A quick but IMPORTANT extra before continuing (the next major Message is already written).

A. ALL of our "Blood of Jesus" Series IS PART OF DISCIPLING!! Because ALL things need to be working together in our lives! Thus ALL of the content of the Series is essential and integral to the ultimate and EFFECTIVE committment of our lives to living as true New Testament Christians - serving JESUS!!

B. I've introduced you to serious church problems, but fixing up the church is NOT our task! Nor is fixing our country or the world with all their myriad of problems. If another Christian asked you for help to know exactly what IS our job to fix up, what would be your answer?

We're still FOLLOWING JESUS here - so let HIM be our guide on this: 1) Jesus totally IGNORED POLITICS. The harsh Roman oppressors of His people (the Jewish nation) were oppressing when He came, and still oppressing when He left. Nothing had changed! 2) Yes, He did speak out against the church of His day, STRONGLY!! But THAT was not His mission either! When He left, the church was still in as big a mess as when He came! Nothing had changed.

Neither of these were Jesus focus. PEOPLE WERE!! He spent ALL of His time helping their physical state, AND teaching them Spiritually. He preached the Kingdom of God coming into their lives! And He taught personal, individual, Spiritual responsibility!! Maybe we should be more AMAZED that how He lived and taught is EXACTY the same as we are to live TODAY!! Thus YOU, and how you are living, is to be your PRIME FOCUS. Fixing YOU up!! NOT fixing anyone or anything else up. FIX YOU and you'll soon be able to be helping others just like Jesus did. Because THIS is how to serve HIM!!


- BM (with his Lady)

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