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5th in our "Blood of Jesus" series

I saw a recent set of figures that is a shocker concerning the whole Christian world. Christians spend:

  • 99.9% of Christian income on themselves
  • 0.09% on the Evangelized but Non-Christian World
  • 0.01% on the Unevangelized World

Yes it IS that bad!! We can push these and other figures around till the cows come home, and try and view them from different angles, but it will ALWAYS come back to the same UTTERLY APPALLING result - which Beloved and I totally REFUSE to be a party to, and a part of ANY MORE!!!! TOTALLY!! Because what the King of Kings and Ruler of the Universe said was to Go into ALL of the world!! Instead we've simply not bothered, and continued looking after - well, ME!! But let me continue towards telling you how you can change this as we have!

Have you ever read Revelation Chapters 1-3. In Jesus' critique of the 7 churches only 1 gets through unscathed. Today it may be more like 1 in 10,000... Unless you're in a most unusual small church where all the Members KNOW where their gifts go and KNOW that they're being used extremely well, then your church is going to be somewhere in the CHURCH/AGENCY figures from last Message where: a mere 0.5% goes to those who DESPERATELY NEED TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, BUT HAVE NO CHANCE, whereas 94% will stay in the church effectively DISOBEYING Jesus World Command!! Money self-centeredly WASTED!! People, my heart cries in pain for the Ignored and totally UNREACHED!!!

As part of refusing to be a party ANY LONGER to the church's appalling misuse of money and resources we've withdrawn all gifting to the local church. No gifts, no tithe, nothing (the church won't fall apart from this 'loss'!!) We want to: 1) KNOW where our money is going, AND most of all 2) KNOW that it's TRULY being used for the Kingdom and is PLEASING to God. (Giving it to the church is Old Testament anyway - we're NOT disobeying His Word!!) 3) Be able to PRAY properly for those we were helping! Over time we've asked the Lord to SHOW us WHERE and WHO and WHAT. He's answered us BRILLIANTLY!! - EVERY CENT we now give goes directly to REACH THE MOST UNREACHED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! Allelujah!!! People like these:


Hundreds and hundreds of millions like these men believe in, worship, and sacrifice to
false gods, who of course always fail them in times of trouble.


There are NO Christians anywhere around to tell this man the Good News. He is without
 hope, and will die in his sins unless someone cares enough to get the Gospel to him.


But a wonderful VERY self-sacrificing Missionary HAS come to tell
these slum dwellers that Jesus LOVES them!

I have been upset and in tears while writing this Message... It's starting to hit home, but is where I MUST take you to hopefully feel something of what I feel. Unless we have Missionaries to share Jesus with the MOST UNREACHED, like in the slum photo above, then for all the others their future is simple but very grim: live a hard life, sacrifice to dead gods, die, go to hell! And their children will repeat this - and their children after them! THEY KNOW NO OTHER WAY TO LIVE - know NOTHING of the one true God... and Jesus!! NOTHING!! We have the answer but have completely FAILED THEM by not sharing that answer.

Not until God gets to our heart will we change how we live. WITHOUT change, not only does that ETERNALLY harm the above people, but ourselves as well, and worst of all we will lose SO MUCH after we step through death (which I am going to spell out for you in a later message - far more than I ever have before).


- BM (with his Lady)

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