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I want her to HEAR about Jesus, so she has a CHANCE to spend eternity with Him (instead of hell)!

inspired-by1... SweetSurrender (in her post HERE). I am thrilled to bits that KP and his book have moved your heart about Gospel For Asia as happened to us some years ago!! The VISION this man has brought to fruition this past 26 years or so is as mammoth as it's astonishing.

Now with 16,500 local, fully-trained native Missionaries taking the Good News of Jesus to their own people, who just in the period of ONE year brought 572,339 into God's Kingdom (that's TRUE Christians, saved, baptised, AND discipled!!!) I take my hat off to every last Christian who's involved with this essential and wonderful work.

What's most special of all is that anyone, anywhere in the world can become part of this work. PRAYER is the greatest essential, as are our DOLLARS that we send. Those are our TWO tasks: the rest is all being done!!! And with another 9,000 in training, this unique work is growing and growing. You may not know that as a brother or sister start training in a local Bible-School, they start evangelism immediately!!! (the whole of the weekend 1st year, and by 3rd year a lot of practical). Some trainees plant a church in their first year of Bible Training!!!!

Let me tell you something that shocked me in the BEST possible way when I first realised it. Background first: Jesus in: LUKE 10:2 Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." Since modern missons started we've had to do exactly this. But with GFA in India and a total of 10 countries throughout Southern Asia, MY SHOCK WAS THAT:


For here's a Mission Organisation which ALWAYS has men and women waiting to become Missionaries. Yes I said WAITING!!! Ready, willing, and able!! But waiting for what? - for Western Christians to start their support of just $1,500 a year - 4 people giving $30 a month (a paltry $360 for a whole year), plus all 4 praying for their Misho!! Sure works for ME!!! Read lots more about this on http://gfa.org., including that EVERY CENT given reaches its assigned destination. NOTHING is taken out for admin!

They are poor beyond our comprehension! But they will labour, pray, evangelise, teach, endure hardships of being misunderstood, wrongly accused, threatened, hated, and things like beatings, jail, and some will even willingly be MARTYRED for Jesus!!! They only need from us: SOME MONETARY SUPPORT and for us to PRAY for them and for the work of SAVING and DISCIPLING souls. Maybe I'm being a total idiot here, but seems to me that it's THE VERY LEAST WE CAN DO....


Can you see something of the thrilling DEDICATION to the Lord and His work of these amazing South Asian Christians. Continuing to live with NOTHING and ASKING for nothing - unless we choose to send clothing, a lamp for night-time visiting, and so on go HERE- working continually without time off, enduring whatever hardships come to them, we can only stand back and marvel at them and how they live, and love the Lord!!! SO... Beloved and I have chosen to live as simply as possible, with clothing years old (but still presentable), old furniture (ditto), an old car, and so on. We're not really going without, in the sense of starving ourselves or the like - we just try hard to save EVERY POSSIBLE CENT - TO GIVE TO SUPPORT THIS WORK, AND GIVE TO POOR CHRISTIANS THERE.


Our pairs of rabbits (just 11 bucks a pair, go HERE; kids love giving them, or a pair of chickens) that went to poor Christian Dalit families, will have started breeding like only rabbits know how to! The first pair of baby rabbits will have gone to the church for another poor Christian family; meantime, the parents continue to breed, supplying nutritious food, and maybe some young rabbits sold to richer people. We caught this vision, and it's an incredibly easy way to help the needy - seriously necessary for salvation according to Jesus!!! (Click) Matthew 25:44-46. Or better is the full passage (click) Matthew 25:31-46.

You're INVITED, in and by the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus, to join this wonderful work in South Asia!!


- BM (with his Lady)

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