The Church, Your Tithe and You

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Final in our "Blood of Jesus" series

There are many who like the idea of tithing and many who do. Back in The Inner Room we looked at the fact that TITHING is NOT part of New Covenant (New Testament) in Jesus' blood. And that you are NOT robbing God by not tithing, which is Old Covenant (Old Testament), and finally that tithing as it's done today is a man-made invention because there's nothing like it ANYWHERE in the Bible. It's been strongly taught by church leaders for generation after generation, particularly in America - to get money into the church.

So we must ask: "Is this of God?" No, a lot of the time it's of MAN. We can find church after church after church - particularly the large and so called "successful" ones - where most of the money goes on church trappings, then most of the rest goes on "feeding" and supposedly "teaching" Christians.

I deliberately used the quotes there because in so many of these large churches a VERY small number in the congregation ever reach maturity in Jesus - because the teaching is error-ridden, just plain poor, or the pastors are not mature themselves (far too common)! Okay, that's rather a sad litany of bad 'stuff', I know, but if we continue to kid ourselves about our churches, then we're kidding ourselves too - and I would find that absolutely TRAGIC!!!

I've already shown you figures here in "The Blood Of Jesus is Crying Out for JUSTICE "how 94% of church income is spent on home Christians, and just ½ of 1% on the MOST UNREACHED. Criminal I think I called that - and it is!! So considering that it's a FACT that Western churches give virtually NOTHING towards the COMPLETELY UNREACHED, I'm going to ask this straight out, because I believe God wants me to: "Why are you giving money to have much, if not most of it wasted, and basically none of it to be used to tell this lady and her little bub that Jesus LOVES them?"



LET'S GET PRACTICAL. Suppose you wanted to give around 10% of your income to the Lord (more is fine; so is less if you simply cannot manage it). You could use this practical test: how many MATURE Believers are in the church? If there are some, then the church is maybe doing some decent teaching. Maybe I'd give ¼ of my giving to the church to support this work. If hardly a mature person in sight - then I'd likely give very little if any to the church. Consider: the church is very unlikely to collapse if you stop giving to it. However the lady above is going to hell unless we get the Gospel Message to her!!!

To me the PRIORITIES of this shout to my heart because they're CLEARER than the finest CRYSTAL!!! I've LONG believed we need to give directly to reach the MOST UNREACHED - and PRAY for those we give to and towards. If you choose Gospel for Asia,then the highly-trained guys and gals there (Missionaries!!) will MAKE our money COUNT!!!

Every cent will reach the destination you designate it for. They'll do all the work, and cheap as dirt as well! Only 2 things for us to do: just GIVE and PRAY!! This is IS OF GOD and it's LIFE-CHANGING to the recipients of our LOVE and our CARE (recent stats show they won to Christ and DISCIPLED over half a million in a year - that's sure a LOT of people into God's Kingdom!!)

But they're all poor as poor and CANNOT do it without we do our 2 parts (give and pray)! Christmas is coming soon. We'll give no gifts to anyone here. Instead, adding to our normal monthly gift, we'll be giving the just over 4 figures we've saved out of our pensions towards work amongst the MOST UNREACHED in Northern India (i.e., mostly "Untouchable" Dalits). Along with pairs of chickens and rabbits, I think we'll give some of it towards the amazing Bridge of Hope!! These are schools that GFA has set up mostly for Dalits, to EDUCATE the NEVER ever ever ever been EDUCATED before!!!



Life Changing!!!! 1. It's FREE! 2. They're taught in English, to give them a chance of a job to get them out of their poverty and virtual slavery. 3. Given uniforms. 4. At least one healthy meal each day. 5. Medical checkup annually. 6. Taught about Jesus! 7. Then they go home and share with their parents what they've learnt. Many parents get converted this way! Numbers of new churches have been planted via a Bridge of Hope School being started!! *love it!!*

That's why we'll probably give a number of Child Hope Packets (gift ANY amount, or $50 for the full packet) HERE. Also Bibles (cheap!!) and Radio Programs - CURRENTLY on the same page. And PLENTY other things to give to. We go through it all and get EXCITED at what we can give to this time!! Feels truly WONDEFUL!!! And we LOVE to give a little towards a Jesus Well (clean, fresh water for a whole village! - believers and unbelievers - for the first time ever!!!) We "sort of" just ASSUME water like this, don't we...

Well that's "The Church, Your Tithe, and You." I've done my best to help you to use your love gifts to the Lord God to BEST POSSIBLE EFFECT for eternity!! It's now over to you. It often seems to take people quite a deal of time to make the decision and to act on such things as this. Will you permit me to urge you to DO IT NOW!!! Thankyou!

"Blood of Jesus" series Concluded!

With all of our love!!

- BM (with his Lady)

EDIT: Oh, gotta share - awesome! Beloved has a beautiful Govt. Carer. But she's sort of New Age - and has always vibed to us, "Don't talk about Christianity!" But she recently told us that we're v. unususal and different. That was a forward step! Then we got our GFA Christmas Catalogs. She knows we give to the Dalits, and we were talking about this years' Catalog, when out of the blue she said: "Well, how about we give to them instead of giving gifts to each other!!! After we'd picked ourselves off the floor we excitedly agreed!!

So we have an unbeliever adding to Christmas gifts to our Dalit friends!!!

Gospel for Asia