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"DISCIPLE!" is a new thread: Because: it's TIME for a new start!! This has been what the Lord meant when He first talked to me about "change". Herewith the CHANGE!! (Yes, surprised me considerably!)

In Disciple! I will be writing Discipleship Messages to ALL who have a strong INNER DESIRE from the Lord to GROW as a Christian Believer and one day to become MATURE IN CHRIST!! On the Disciple! graphic, above to the left, I've written Child, Primary, Teen, Adult, MATURE. Doesn't matter where you are in that list, Disciple! will help you!

My calling from the Lord via the Discipleship Messages is to DISCIPLE YOU, according to (click) Matthew 28:19-20,TEACHING you to OBEY God's commands (I have a Holy Spirit Gift of Teaching from the Lord). As a Disciple you are both a learner AND a follower. You may pattern on me (BIG responsibility for me!), even as I seek to pattern on Jesus. But because I'm human just like you, I can not promise to always have everything right. All that I can do, for my own sake and much moreso for yours, is my very, very best to be as close as possible to what is truth and what is right.

You will need an OPEN MIND! (not always that EASY!) But closed minds, or minds of "fear", or those that resist CHANGE will NOT help you one little bit. You also need to STEP UP spiritually! Things like: "Oh, it's really okay" is O-U-T OUT!! While "Near enough is good enough" has to go RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW!!! - and never ever return!!

How it will work is: I am the Teacher and you are the Disciple - a VERY GOOD thing to be!!! My aim is to disciple you so that more and more you are LEARNING to observe and to do (obey) all that God commands in His Word!! Nothing less than that!! This will move you towards: 1) Becoming a mature Christian! 2) Being an Overcomer, and 3) Enduring to the end. I will help you with these ESSENTIALS for the Christian in any way that I'm able, sharing all I've learnt in all my years of walking with the Lord.

I will write Discipleship Messages. Some of it will certainly be more personal than I've been on the IR thread, e.g., I'll share some of my very personal experiences with the Lord and some of the things I personally feel and believe, based on my Christian experience.

This will all be "getting down and dirty" in the best possible way *hehe*, i.e., getting to the nitty-gritty of truly LIVING the Christian life, and RELATING to God through His Blessed Spirit!!!

I will expect you to be a true disciple - else we're BOTH wasting our time. That is, expecting you to take full note of what I say (but questioning and querying is fine), sometimes reading long Discipleship Messages if that's what it takes, maybe modifying your personal lifestyle, and willing to TAKE strong words if I feel from God that they are necessary!!

Having said that, this is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: in various Messages I will write truths that you will not be able to do at that time! Fact is that none of us can put all new truths into our life by yesterday afternoon!! But this is all okay! What you do is this: now that you know this new truth, you hold it in your mind, WANTING with all your heart to get it into your life!! Do this with steely determination and eventually it WILL happen.

The end result of knowing those things that you absolutely need to know can be a new life like you've never had, or not managed to reach yet. This will bring you to a new READINESS to leave earth and to enter eternity - and with your life so pleasing to God that He will WELCOME YOU as you arrive!!! You want to be ready for this, don't you? Then I will be doing absolutely all that I can to help!!

This is a journey, folks, a serious Spiritual - not earthly - journey, working as fast as we can towards getting READY to be face to face with the Lord in eternity - where earth and the things of earth are NO LONGER!! So come with me - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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