Don't look DOWN, Look UP!

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Struggling Christians is a contradiction of terms: the Christian shouldn't be struggling; if a person IS struggling we wouldn't expect them to be a Christian! Alright, maybe that's a bit too strong, but you get the idea. Does this maybe come down to WHERE WE'RE LOOKING? I think it does. Suppose things are going on around me that I don't like - maybe are even freaking me out!! I'm looking DOWN!! - I'm FOCUSSING on the PROBLEM - and then wondering why: 1) It's not getting any better, and 2) I'm still feeling DREADFUL!! Question: how can the problem possibly improve while my whole being is focussed on the problem?? Can you see what I mean?

BUT, if I will stop for even a few seconds AND LOOK UP to the Lord God, ha!! - now we're cooking with gas!! With our eyes (mind, emotions, and all) OFF the problem here below, and ON the Lord above - things can start to change!! - FOR THE BETTER!!! Question: is it possible to be LOOKING UP and LOOKING DOWN at the same time?? Of course not!! It's one or the other, right! The PROBLEM here is that, because of our physical faculties - and ESPECIALLY our eyes - we keep SEEING and EXPERIENCING the problem!!! This is SO typical of the normal lives of many Christians...

Please ACCEPT that earnest life for the true Believer will be tough. Jesus PROMISED this!! He said, in JOHN 16:33 "In the WORLD you WILL have..." what? A good time? A great life? Prosperity, money, and all the rest? NO!! - we will have: "TRIBULATION!!" That is, tough times, trials, and hardship. I didn't say this, HE did!! Question: WHY is it that we don't take full NOTE of what the Bible says??? The New Testament is perfectly clear from Matthew to Revelation that for God's people it's: hard times HERE, so that we may enjoy rejoicing and GREAT times 'up there'. No, make that fantasmagorically wonderful and amazing and superb times with God in eternity!!!! Did you get that?

We mostly have it totally back to front. We want - and EXPECT - an easy life here (because we're now a Christian, right?) No, NO, NO!!! HERE IS THE HARD LIFE. In eternity is where it's all fantastic!!! Provided of course, that we ENDURE to the end in order to receive this!! So LOOK UP, not down at THE PROBLEMS! And recognse that it's HARDSHIP HERE; WONDERFUL THERE!!! (provided we're prepared to go through the hardship!!) The EASY ROAD of prosperity, and money, and good times, and all that the world constantly offers us leads to:DESTRUCTION!! You don't want to go THAT ROUTE!!! Take GOD'S Biblical route to heaven, and beyond!!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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