Human Activity... is a NO!

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Human activity is NOT what will get you to your final destiny as a Christian here on earth. I'm TOTALLY aware that this is how we ALL tend to think - the TEMPTATION to do it this way is simply too great!. One of my weaknesses in life has been that I simply try too hard. Notice WHO is doing that! Yes, ME!! And I had to learn to STOP that (amongst a lot of other stuff) if I was ever going to learn to live in RIGHTEOUSNESS rather than sinfulness!! (these are virtually opposites.)

But HOW? The way to stop our human activity is accomplished by giving in to God and relinquishing yourself - that's all of you - to the Lord!! Until you've done this fully, then YOU will still be doing piles of things in a quite futile effort to truly live the real Christian life!

I know that you want to be RIGHTEOUS, and HOLY, and to live a life that's PLEASING TO YOUR GOD! I KNOW that!! But you're never going to achieve it by your struggles, by your efforts. This is another area of our lives where it's NOT about me. It's about HIM!!

My struggling, and trying, and working hard, and struggling some more is simply NEVER going to cut it! But when I turn to the Lord and firstly ADMIT that I'm just NOT up to the task, that it's just too hard! (cos it IS!) Then secondly ACKNOWLEDGE that God Himself, by His Spirit in me, is MY ONLY WAY OUT, THEN I'm starting to get on the right track!!

Your goal NOW is working towards MORE RIGHTEOUSNESS in your life (living right)-by being OBEDIENT to Him,doing what He wants, and seeking always to PLEASE Him and make Him happy! You seriously NEED this to help move you from child, to primary age, to teen, to adult, and finally to Spiritual Maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ!!! You think that YOU cannot possibly reach Maturity in Christ?? RUBBISH!!! You belong to Him, right! Don't you GET that you're a true Saint of God? You're now His child, an esteemed member of HIS personal family!!!

So it's: QUIT your human activity and strugglings (and maybe, like me, trying too hard) relinquish it ALL, and all of YOU, to your Lord. Then you PRAY and keep praying: pray about the thing you want to move into, or the thing you want to get rid of. YOU cannot do this. You can't! In fact, you can't do ANY of it!! Only the Holy Spirit in you can!! Consider this to be your personal path for and with God that you start on TODAY!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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