Help From the Holy Spirit - What's OUR Part? - Part A

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I'm glad someone wants to know this - because it IS rather crucial!! Do we all realise that we simply cannot live the Christian life? The BIG problem is that in our humanity we constantly TRY TO, maybe without in any way meaning to AND even worse, without realising that we ARE!! A dreadful trap!I I believe most of us do recognise that our only way to go is to turn to God, relying on Him and trusting in Him. Many folks, and maybe even most folks, however, don't realise that God the Holy Spirit is the One Who we need!!

Alright, let's get practical! I'm here, and the Holy Spirit is "somewhere", so what am I supposed to do? First, He dwells (lives) within you, not "somewhere". Man, what a WONDER IS THAT? By His Spirit, God is living IN ME!!! Oh, yeah!!! So... accept it, believe it, revel in it, LIVE IT!! Thus God and me... well, we're together all the time!!

Next is what I need to do. So accepting that I can't live the life, I go to the Holy Spirit for the help and support of HIS power! There is nowhere else to go, no One else to go to. He has the power, you and I do not - end of story!! So doesn't that make it OBVIOUS what we can do, what we need to do, and that there's nothing MORE that we can do but: go to the Lord God, and say to Him: "Lord, I cannot do [naming it]. I desperately need for Your Holy Spirit to help me with it. His power is sufficient. It's all I need!! I'm asking for that now! Thankyou!! I shall keep asking, but in between I'm going to just rest and trust!!!"

You've now done YOUR part! - let Him get on with doing HIS!! God may well come back to you, interacting with you or with something else He needs you to do (because this is RELATIONSHIP between the Lord and you!!) But please make quite sure that you do NOT mess this all up by YOU trying to "HELP", or to DO the Holy Spirit's work for Him!! JUST TRUST HIM!!! And finally, I never ask the Holy Spirit Himself for help, i.e., addressing/praying to Him. I'm sure it's okay to, but I've not found this done in the New Testament, so I do all my requests via The Father or Jesus.

Continued in Part B - "When We Need the Holy Spirit to Be Active in Our Lives" ...

- BM (with his Lady)

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