Error Multiplies and is VERY Dangerous - plus the Tribulation!

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It almost seems to be a law of the Universe that error multiplies!! What it seems to do is that it attracts more error, so now an error in our belief system of understanding God and His Word, has doubled! If you don't resolutely and drastically cut this off at the pass, your error in belief and practice will attract more error, doubling again, so that now you're 4 times worse off!!

In real-life practice I've seen this in lives where they failed to stay on top of TRUTH, ENSURING that it was NOT watered down by some false thinking and teaching, which led to more error and even more and ultimately the person had lost ALL of the Spiritual and was back totally human again!!

One woman I can think of, when I mentioned in conversation that I was a Christian, excitedly told me she was too! She seemed to really know a lot and I was really happy for her. But before too long she moved in with a man who was not a Christian, thus BREAKING not one, but TWO Godly laws: live with someone ONLY when married; if you are a Believer do NOT get connected to an unbeliever. I don't really need to relate the rest of the story, do I. Her 'Christianity' went slowly down, down, and down, until...

Quite recently I heard her utter her first blasphemy, and I thought with deep sadness, "That's a symptom, a sign if you like, of how your life has disintegrated this past year or more." In this case one error of action led to another,and it all grew until it engulfed her whole life.

There are countless MILLIONS of Western Christians or Western Nominal Christians just the same as this woman! What you simply MUST realise is that Western Christianity is in a DREADFUL STATE!!! Thus you are SURROUNDED by Scriptural error. It's EVERYWHERE!! - errors and heresy abound, and so THE TRUTH is very scarce, and thus extremely difficult to find. Those people who can read the Scriptures and actually understand its Message are indeed very, very, very thin on the ground!!!


Take Christian authors as an example. Suppose someone recommended a Christian book to you. They tell you that it's great - but unless you are very knowledgeable as to Bible Doctrine and Practice, i.e., you've grown a deal in maturity and may even be up to Teen (or Adult), then the error mixed with the truth in the book (there will ALWAYS be a deal of truth, which makes it all the harder to SEE and DISMISS the error!) - this error, often sounding so "GOOD", can so easily start the process that eventually derails your life totally.

This is deadly serious, folks - far more than you've ever recognised!! Many Believers wonder if they'll experience the Tribulation in their lifetime. When it comes will you be able to STAND? Start with this premise: "Probably NOT!!!" and work forward from that, okay. Why so? Because we are SO SHORT on TRUTH. And we don't LIVE it because we don't KNOW it.

Listen up please!! I'm plumb astonished at the amount of truth I've put into scores and scores of messages, often repeating an important truth numbers of times - then I find someone who's still not got it, and in a Christian book reads the exact opposite that panders to the things our flesh wants - believes it, and rates the book as awesome!! IT'S NOT: the SERIOUS ERRORS in it are from the pit and the devil!!!!

What this all says to me is that we're still NOT EFFECTIVELY SERIOUS with the Lord, i.e., nowhere nears serious enough. If I were to say to you something like, "You're still just playing around with this," I imagine you'd not be too pleased with me!! But some, maybe even many of you, ARE!! Please DON'T take offence at this. Rather, take it on board - and CHANGE!! God WILL help you!!

IT'S TIME, people!! No one knows WHEN but the Father, but there are so many signs out there that we'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see them!! (More coming on this!) It's time to move our Christian life up a notch, up TWO notches and THREE, and keep moving up and up into Scriptural "DIFFICULTY—LAND" - where Jesus is, and the Spirit is waiting to teach you and train you and guide you and give you power to live the Life and love you and care about you!

Much, much love!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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