Bondman, a Message, and the Devil

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The event I'm writing here was amazing enough that I thought I should share it with you. I'm "Bondman" (or was last time I checked, anyway *hee!), the "Message" was "Where Jesus Shed Blood Has NO Effect!!". "The Devil" - well we'll meet him soon enough!! These days I write all Messages in FrontPage, in the reasonably complex language of the Internet called HTML, then transfer them to Disciple! where the CFS forum program turns them into a simpler language called BBC. The words and colours etc. look the same in both.

The Message somehow grew into three sections, and were all together in FrontPage. Came the time to transfer them to the forum, same place as where you post - and I got ready to copy each separate section to a separate copy of Internet Explorer - ready to post in order.

So far so good - the 2nd and 3rd sections copied across as usual, just fine. I tidied each one up as the transfer across is sadly never perfect, though usually isn't too big a task, so they were done ready to be posted in fairly short order. However, when I copied the 1st section, to my surprise it came across just to the end of the Scripture in the first paragraph!! The rest was nowhere to be seen!! Was it a CFS problem? No it WASN'T!! So what's going on? Back to Frontpage. Hmm... all looks okay. Try and copy again. This time it went to the end of the first paragraph. Odd, very odd! Back to FP again. Time to take a look at the code in HTML, as clearly there has to be some sort of a problem there. I found a couple of code errors, fixed them, and thought maybe they were the problem.

They WEREN'T!! This was getting serious. I'm ready to put this SO important Message up - maybe the most important one I've ever written, and it won't copy to CFS!!! I wasn't panicking, just getting a bit frustrated. Okay, back to FrontPage to look at the code again. Finding nothing wrong, I repeated the dose - with the same result. All up I lost count of the number of times I copied the whole of the 1st section - it never came across any further than the 1st paragraph! Talk about crazy!!

Okay, time to get serious. I have to check all the HTML code from the beginning down to the end of that para. What did I find? Well quite a mess in the code above where I'd been looking! Now if you've never programmed, I have to tell you that messes are common enough when coding. Programs that help you to code mess up regularly (as well as the coder himself messing up, but we won't talk about THAT!!) But this was NOT my mess at all. There was faulty code that I could not imagine how it could have happened - but then I discovered the doozie!!!!

In the code towards the top of the 1st paragraph was a mess of code INCLUDING to my amazement "- BM (with his lady)." What the!!! How did THAT get there? It's always at the BOTTOM of course. How could it be IN the first para? Not only that but the code for IT was quite a disaster as well!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Goodness, I thought, NO WONDER it wouldn't copy across past that. But not to worry, I can take out the WHOLE of the mess, and all would be well!! WRONG!! I copied it to CFS. Same result. BACK to FrontPage - AGAIN! Take out all the rubbish. Double check. Copy. SAME RESULT!

I think I did this 3, maybe 4 times. It WAS all fine in FrontPage, but it would STILL NOT copy to CFS properly. When I fixed the code in FrontPage, I was copying correct code to CFS, but which would then FAIL - AND MOST AMAZING OF ALL, when I came back to FrontPage it always HAD THE MESS BACK IN IT AGAIN - yet without me doing a thing. You can see that this simply cannot happen!! Absolutely NOT possible!! I sat and stared at the screen. Okay, I thought, I can sit here and do this ALL NIGHT - and this message is NEVER going to get onto CFS for you guys to read!!!

I've told you that the devil (yep, here he is!) seldom bothers me and that I think this is something to do with my maturity in the Lord that God's brought me to - thus not a lot for him to mess with these days. I wasn't one bit angry (I no longer get angry) - but I WAS starting to think, what else can this be but the pig (as I call him) DOING this!!! Solution - easy enough - (click) James 4:7!! I said these words just like this: "Lord, this has to be the devil. I can see no other possible explanation. I am submitted to You. I resist the devil - and he will flee from me according to Your Word."

I went to FrontPage, and deliberately copied the section across to CFS but WITHOUT FIXING it first, and guess what? - it copied perfectly!! All there, for the first time!!!! Yee-har!! I checked back at the code in FrontPage, and guess what again? ALL of the mess that I could NOT get rid of was completely GONE!! DISAPPEARED as if by magic!!! So no wonder if copied across correctly this time. And just as obvious was that the devil was specifically and LITERALLY PUTTING THE RUBBISH CODE BACK INTO THE MESSAGE SECTION EVERY TIME I TOOK IT OUT!!!!

Miracles of God can be small, medium or large. Doesn't matter which. God rewards faith. He rewards people BELIEVING His Word, taking what He says at face value - and acting upon it by faith. Yet in this case no great faith seemed to be needed. I've used James 4:7 oodles of times - but only when I REALLY NEED IT. And it has always worked. I don't consider that I particularly have great faith. I simply believe what God says. No big deal. So the Message 2nd, 3rd, and 1st section got posted for you to read. Major THANKS to the Lord God and all of His mighty power!!!

Bless you each one as you consider how He can be TRUSTED!!

- BM (with his lady)

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