Then What Should We Actually Do With The NEW Testament? - Part B

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If I had five bucks for each time someone's said to me that they must get into the Word more, then I'd be giving a whole lot more to GFA Mishos and to help struggling Dalits! But we must press on... FACT: There's a veritable mountain of really GOOD things from the Old Testament (as well as the New Testament) that we can quote - so long as they harmonise with ALL of the message of the New Testament!! But goodness, HOW can we know that?? Well, think about it for a moment. Obviously you need to really get to KNOW the whole of the New Testament. And I do have to wonder how many can say THAT? (Even many Pastors can't!!) Part of my journey towards coming to see this necessity went like this:

I was earnestly praying for a particular thing - and NOT getting an answer (ever happened to you?) I read this verse: JOHN 16:24 Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. Very soon I found myself saying to God (and feeling rather bad about it): "I've been asking in Jesus' name. Your Word says that when I do, I WILL receive, and my joy will be full. What's wrong, Lord? I'm NOT receiving!! And I need to be, because this matter is IMPORTANT!!" I'd already checked if there was something wrong in me that would cause a non-response from God, and couldn't find anything - so I was MOST perplexed about this clear promise of Jesus that was NOT WORKING!!!

I think God must have led me to this other verse that kind of shocked me: JAMES 4:3 You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your sensual pleasures. Erp!!! If I'm not asking CORRECTLY, then I'm going to get... well, NOTHING AT ALL!! And this was my very first wake-up call to the fact that you have to really KNOW all of the New Testament, not just BITS!!! THEN you're in a position to COMPARE Scripture with Scripture with Scripture (both NT and OT), which will enable you to find the WHOLE TRUTH, and thus to be able to correctly UNDERSTAND God's Word!! Great men from the past (from Martin Luther on) all knew this - but we have LOST it!!

Scripture interprets Scripture - interprets itself. So what does this say to us? Yes, we have to read, study, learn, memorise the New Testament. Then do it again!! Because we have to get it's WHOLE message - and I do mean WHOLE! We have to KNOW all that it's saying. Obviously this cannot happen overnight, so meantime you need to rely on trustworthy Christians (emphasis: TRUSTWORTHY!!) to guide you. But can you see the CRUCIAL MESSAGE HERE? If you wish to PLEASE YOUR GOD by living RIGHTEOUSLY (in obedience), then today is the day to GET STARTED reading the New Testament!!!!

Have you read ALL of it at least ONCE? I've said to do this numbers of times - get a Contemporary English Version of the New Testament (easy to read) or read it HERE,** and READ RIGHT THROUGH IT! Then AGAIN!! It's actually just common sense. If you want to truly be a God-person, then you have to know His Word!!! And the reason we read through the whole of the New Covenant (New Testament) IS BECAUSE WE ARE ALL NEW COVENANT PEOPLE!!!! WHEN is the time to start doing this? - NOW!!!

DO this and there's a DOUBLE blessing: a) You'll really get to know how to live by your increasing knowledge of the New Covenant - eventually you could even help and teach others!! b) You'll be in a position to read all of the Old Testament, with all of the extras it can bring into your life, WITHOUT any concern; plus NEVER have the (serious) problem of quoting OT verses to others that could lead THEM astray!! FINAL WORD: I'm not saying to anyone NOT to read the OT. I am saying be especially careful of OT quotes out of context. AND then a gentle query: if you're reading the OT, have you read all the NT more than once?

May He reveal amazing truths to you as you get into His Word!!!

- BM

** I've set it up for you ready to go! (Hit Enter) When reading you'll find small squares at top and bottom to navigate to the next Chapter, etc. EASY!

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