Agape - Our FAITH and Our (Good) WORKS

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SweetSurrender wrote a query about what I said concerning MATTHEW 25:31-46 in the Message "Get Ready for Fireworks...". Please now go to the The Inner Room Message "Who Exactly Did Jesus Say Will Get Eternal Life?" where I set out the Matthew passage in a CLEAR and READABLE form. I would strongly suggest you read it before continuing here. (While you're there Part 3 of that same series is very useful also. And in the Reaching Higher Message "God's Major Answers for Your Life in Christ... Now!" please go down and read Section C.)

Bondman said:

B. You can ensure your SALVATION by gifting regularly (ANY AMOUNT you can manage!) to THOSE IN NEED. Jesus says, that if you FAIL to do this for others, you fail to do it for HIM, AND that failure WILL take you to hell - no matter how strongly you reckon you "believe!" This couldn't POSSIBLY be made any clearer in (click) Matthew 25:31-46.

The above Messages should give you a good overview and understanding of this important and almost totally NEGLECTED passage. Why NEGLECTED? Well, maybe ask the preachers and teachers... Could it possibly be because this involves work or giving, and cost to us, and thus it's mighty unpopular preaching and teaching? Very SERIOUS, hey!!!

The EXTRA I wanted to write here is that IF WE ARE SERIOUS BELIEVERS, and IF WE HAVE DETERMINED TO FOLLOW JESUS, and IF WE'VE DETERMINED THAT WE WANT TO BE OBEDIENT TO HIM, then we should not even NEED to hear about the Matthew Chapter 25 passage!!

How so? To be OBEDIENT to God the New Testament has over 800 commands for us to keep. But I believe we ALL know of Jesus TWO Commandments ("Love God", and "Love your Neighbour" (everyone!)), and I would hope that ALL know of JESUS NEW COMMAND: JOHN 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another - which He said NUMBERS of times!

QUESTION: Isn't that EXACTLY what the Matthew passage is all about?? QUESTION: Is LOVE (agape - which is God's Love that we have WITHIN us) just an EMOTION, just a sort of fuzzy FEELING inside? QUESTION: Do we believe that faith WITHOUT works really IS utterly DEAD and USELESS? JAMES 2:20 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. So how are your WORKS going? This is very PRACTICAL stuff we're talking about here, folks! - our personal FAITH working out and being SHOWN in our lives by our good WORKS!!!

Y'see, I'm asking these questions because I don't believe that neither are we: a) truly loving our brothers and sisters in Christ via agape (let alone loving non-believers!) NOR b) looking after them in practical ways. I don't see Western Christians SACRIFICING themselves, their time, money, pretty-much anything at all, in order to HELP these people Jesus spoke so strongly about, with DIRE CONSEQUENCES for failure):

.. the HUNGRY;
.. the THIRSTY (clean water supply);
.. the HOMELESS;
.. those needing CLOTHING and other such needs;
.. the SICK;
.. and Christians IMPRISONED for their FAITH.

But, you may say, there doesn't seem to be much need for these HELPS around here. I would find that a tad surprising, and lovingingly suggest that you have a more serious look. But if you're right, then look further afield. How many are STARVING in our countries? FEW! In other countries? Hundreds and hundreds of millions!! - who sadly are BOTH OUT OF SIGHT, AND THUS OUT OF MIND as well. We simply don't care...

Yes, I know how it can feel really, really OVERWHELMING!! How can I possibly make any difference? Answer: by THINKING of just ONE person or FAMILY. Help THEM!! Now you've made a difference in their lives!! Wow, THAT'S MASSIVE!!! BUT, dear ones, if our FAITH really is failing because of our lack of good WORKS - then our FAITH is failing, PERIOD!!! - and that couldn't POSSIBLY be MORE SERIOUS!!!

So right there is the answer to SweetSurrender's great question. It's extremely IMPORTANT!!! - True Christians WILL be in the sacrificially "helping others" (sheep) group at the Judgment, NOT in the "ignore the plight of others" (goats) group. So now, hopefully, you can see the IMPORTANCE and the practical REALITY for YOU of Jesus' words in Matthew Chapter 25!!

If this all surprises you, how many times have I said here, "IT'S NOT EASY TO GET TO HEAVEN!!!" So please take very, very careful note of what you need to do and how you need to live - as what I desperately want for you is that we may be together with God forever!! (A lot more to come in time about this!)

- BM (with his Lady)

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