tnorF ot kcaB (Back to Front) - Part A

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The next Message will arguably be the most important I've done to date in Disciple! I worked on and 'agonised' over it literally for DAYS - and I do NOT want you to miss a single word of it. For example, there's a crucial "WHEN?" question I ask. Then, "What does God want to be to YOU?"- but more important ones than those!!

As you read through it, very near to the end is a SUMMARY and final information that's especially critical for all Believers who truly want to get places with the Lord, and to grow toward maturity in Jesus.

"Back to Front" refers to what we normally do FIRST when speaking to someone about Salvation via the Gospel, and them indicating that they wish to respond. BUT IT'S NOT THE FIRST; IT SHOULD BE SECOND!!! I can ask you now actually, "Who should come first: GOD or US?" A no-brainer, right! THEN HOW COME WE DO THIS BACK TO FRONT AT CONVERSION?

HINT: The reason why involves the no-brainer above - so when you've read down to the IMPORTANT paragraph near the bottom, (no cheating now!) see if you can figure out WHY we've got it SO WRONG!!! (I didn't write the reason!! - why should I have to do all the work?? *hee!*) If you get it, then high plaudits! - and maybe you'll be as shocked and appalled as I was when I saw this for the very first time!!!

Continued in Part B ...

- BM (with his Lady)

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