You Really Need to: Change Your Mind! - Part B

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Get Clean, More Freedom, and a Much Closer Walk With God

This command comes directly from the mouth of our Lord and Saviour, although it first came from the one who it was foretold God would send to pave the way for Jesus. And they both said these exact same words!! MATTHEW 3:1 In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea, 2 and saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Then: MATTHEW 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” How amazing!!

Repent means to radically "change your mind." You may have been told (or not) that you must repent when you first came to Christ. Perhaps you were led to say at that time, "I repent of all of my sins..." And there is a sense where it may seem that you CAN change your mind (repent) about everything at that time: "I am all Yours, Lord!" and, "I will live for you always."

But in no way does this catch up all of those things where you have sinned against your God and Father, perhaps wilfully, deliberately, or else by failure to do and be what you should. TRUTH: Our sins are MANY!! From early days we lived for ourselves.. to gratify our flesh.. according to OUR desires. God was not considered important, nor did we care about the sin we were commiting against Him. How much the need that we repent - change our mind - as to our past life in ALL its evil ways.

We 'change our mind' at our conversion to Jesus as evidence that we wish to go His way and live according to His laws, committing our whole life to Him. For maybe most of us the SERIOUSNESS of all this may NOT have been greatly obvious at the time. IT NEEDS TO BE!! How can we change our mind in repentance if we're almost wholly unaware of (ALL) THE THINGS we're changing our mind about??

EVERY INDIVIDUAL sin we committed in all of our life, aware of it or not, we specifically committed AGAINST Almighty God!! Each DESERVING of death and hell of course, but much worse, HURTING the One Who loves us so dearly. We all know that having done wrong against someone we must go to them and earnestly express our sorrow! This we may well do, and I trust we have - BUT... WHEN did we do this to our Father God?

We DIDN'T, and HAVEN'T, right!! Then NOW is the TIME!!! But what a massive job, someone may say, it's going to take ages!! Possibly will, but until you do this please DO NOT expect your Christian life to be what you wish it to be, and DO NOT wonder why it isn't!! It's your responsibility to tell God "sorry" for every sin you've committed. REPENT of each one! Doing this will bring you into more heart and life freedom that He gives for you to enjoy!!!

Yes, this SHOULD take hours, days, or longer. Doesn't matter whether long or short. GET IT DONE!! And ask Him to BRING THE SINS TO MIND that you may repent of them! This is how we get clean and get closely CONNECTED to the Lord. How can you POSSIBLY be CLOSE to Him while there remain SINS you've never said sorry about, and told Him that you've changed your mind about ever doing them again? YOU CAN'T!!!

We do this because we recognise the incredible seriousness of all of our SIN against a perfect, righteous and holy God! We do this because we understand the punishment we deserve for even just ONE sin! We do it to show God how earnest and serious we are about truly living the Christian life.

For His part, God's great desire is for us to be in a "close-as-possible" LOVE relationship with Him!! Q. "What does God want to be to YOU?" A. "Very close!!!" Wow!! But not possible while there are things left unsorted between you both, right! So get them sorted! I really cannot adequately express how very IMPORTANT this is for you to do.

First, take the decision to do this ASAP! Second, work out when (and where) you'll do this. Third, aim to DO IT ALOUD - much more effective to cleaning up your life than doing it in your mind! Fourth, don't quit till you're finished! Fifth, make sure you ASK the Lord God and TRUST the Lord God to bring to mind sin you've forgotten. Sixth, after you're all finished, later He'll come again to remind you of more sin you've not repented of! - you repent and say sorry for IT!! *a great feeling!!!*

Finally, please don't get this MIXED UP with God's FORGIVENESS OF ALL OF YOUR SIN! IN CLEAR SUMMARY: We ALL should have been shown FIRSTLY, how and why to fully and properly REPENT of sins committed against GOD!! THEN had explained to us why and how to truly BELIEVE in Jesus! THEN to have got down to a total REPENTING! (with help as to HOW). FOLLOWING THAT, with no waiting and no delay, to be BAPTISED in water, and THEN BAPTISED in the Spirit. RBBR is the Scriptural way to Salvation!!! (that we did, starting in The Inner Room.)

Once anyone is fully saved, ALL their sins are forgiven FOREVER!! - but we still confess, say sorry, and repent of any sin we commit, cos THAT'S all about our love RELATIONSHIP - and being CLOSE!! - with our mighty GOD!!!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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