Looking Forward to Our Spiritual Future!! - Part A

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It's only natural that those things we can SEE with our eyes, and FEEL, and HEAR, and TASTE, and SMELL, and physically EXPERIENCE are always going to feel like WHAT IS MOST REAL. And this IS reality, clearly and obviously. To the unbeliever it is their sole reality. They know no other.

But to the true Believer it is NOT the only reality! Yet because of the above senses - and especially our EYES, what we can SEE - for many believers, as for unbelivers, THAT is still the strongest reality. ALL BACK TO FRONT!! - so it's obviously critical that we work to change this!! First, let's make sure that we've STARTED the right way - having done each step of RBBR, (near end of Previous Message) for this brings us out of the world straight into a strong SPIRITUAL REALITY!!

Second, we should ENSURE that we help others come to the Lord and LIVE in the Lord in this same solidly Scriptural way. That is, we should NOT keep to ourselves important truths that we learn - like RBBR and Loving One Another and Tending to the Needy!

Third, can we SEE that 70 or 80 years (here) is less than a grain of sand compared to a 1,000 mile beach of who knows how many quadrillions of grains of sand (eternity)? So which then has the STRONGEST call on your life as to its FINAL REALITY? I know that I'm still HERE and so are YOU, but increasingly I am NOT primarily "LIVING HERE"!! Did you notice the end of John the Baptist's and Jesus' calls that were exactly the same (beginning of Previous Message)? - "Repent because the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is at hand." You've repented and so EVEN NOW are living IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!

In this Kingdom where God is THE MIGHTY KING, and RULER over ALL, all is done to OBEY and PLEASE and HONOUR Him!! THIS is the new REALITY for us all! With our EYES clearly looking towards our FUTURE - in ETERNITY (and of course FOR eternity!) - then ALL MUST SLOWLY CHANGE of how we NOW live and perceive life, along with our priorities and our wishes and desires and goals and visions!!

Thus I am looking towards my FUTURE with Jesus my Lord and Master. Whether raised from among the dead or still on earth we shall meet Him in the air on His Return, and immediately be CHANGED!! And then we wiil soon commence our REAL purpose for having been born - THEN BORN AGAIN!! - REVELATION 20:6b ...but they shall be ministers of God and of Christ (the Messiah), and they shall rule along with Him a thousand years.

I shall write more about us ruling with Jesus for a thousand years after His return, and of our possible tasks and responsibilities and their importance during that time! WOW!!!

Continued in Part B ...

- BM (with his Lady)

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