Getting Ready for the Tribulation

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Many today believe that we're in the last days. There certainly are more and more signs, and my mentor says that most of the prophesies concerning this time have been fulfilled (but not all).Times will get tougher and tougher for us the closer we get to what we call the Tribulation.

Many today ALSO believe that all Believers will be taken out of the world (in what we call the Rapture) BEFORE the Tribulation. Humanly-speaking it's pretty reasonable to wish that this will be the way of it. I mean who wants to go through the Tribulation?!!! So no need to wonder if it's FEAR that has so many believing - and certain! - of THIS: that Jesus WILL return prior to this 7-year period.

I've said here more than once that I do NOT get much into prophecy of end times, for so many disagree so MUCH about it all that it's quite astonishing. However in re-reading Revelation recently, and in conjunction with my mentor's decades of very careful searching of the Scriptures, I have a strong feeling that Believers will still be here during the Tribulation!

One thing the last days and the Tribulation will do that may be seen as a good thing, is that the nominal Christians will find the pace too hot, the going too hard, AND WILL LEAVE THE CHURCH. That is, a cleansing of the Church, pruned right down to only the REAL Believers!!! Will you still be there? I sure pray so!! For you know what I've quoted quite a number of times: ENDURING!!

Nearly a dozen times in the NT, from Jesus to Paul to the writer to the Hebrews and James, we're told we must ENDURE!! Only in and by His Power by His Holy Spirit is this possible!! By this we shall be OVERCOMERS and in the end we SHALL live in peace and joy and love WITH GOD FOR EVER!

But during the Tribulation period God is our God, i.e., we will NOT be alone at any time. I would expect that real Christians remaining will work together, caring for each other (like we should be NOW!!...) We'll learn to fend for ourselves when unable to use money to buy things. But make NO mistake that this will be tribulation and persecution on a GRAND SCALE (world-wide) - yet really NO DIFFERENT from persecution of Christians down through the ages!!

If there's one thing that's clear as can be, it's that to stay out of HELL we simply must NOT take the Mark of the Beast at any time!!!! God will be TESTING the world of Believers to see who is worthy! These will be REWARDED to such an extent as we cannot even begin to imagine! And THEY will be those caught up in the air to meet the returning Jesus - what a wonder and a glory THAT will be!!!

Yes, hard times and big troubles are coming!!! If we're to ENDURE them (which we MUST do), then NOW is the time to start getting ready. How? By so ordering our life with the Lord that He can bring to us and into our life little troubles. We need to LEARN by them. This is how the TRUE CHRISTIAN must and DOES live anyway, so it's hardly something new and surprising!! Please prepare yourself. Remember the five wise Virgins who were ready, and the foolish five who were NOT ready when the Bridegroom (Jesus!!!) came! Will you be wise or foolish??

So tell the Lord that you are ready, that you are His, and that you're WILLING to endure hardship and tribulation like He promised us! You see, He will NOT over-ride your free-will. If you don't want tribulation, then He's not going to allow or send it into your life.

He needs your "GO AHEAD!" I've had this for *counts on fingers and toes - runs out of toes!*... it's 32 years now. It's been like living in the desert! It's felt like it would never end (it hasn't!!) - but it also seemed something like what men of the OT experienced PRIOR to and to GET THEM READY to be USED OF GOD! Now, here, He IS using me. Bless His Name!!! Without all of that I would: (a) NOT be here, and certainly (b) not able to TEACH like I do.

Jesus suffered for us HORRENDOUSLY!! In order to follow Him He calls us to suffer for His Name!! Much GAIN if you do; great LOSS if you don't! Get yourself ready to live so as to please and glorify Him! ROMANS 12:12 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing diligently in prayer. 2 THESSALONIANS 1:5b ...that you may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you also suffer.

- BM (with his Lady)

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