It's CRUNCH Point: SERIOUSLY Getting Ready for Our Total Future with God - Part B

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Folks, I'm currently in a state of spiritual SHOCK!! Because God has shown me with a SHOCKING clarity like never before that we are living in a pure fool's paradise as HUMAN Believers here on EARTH. Supposed to be living as Spiritual Beings - we're about a MILLION MILES from this. Living also as if we have a million tomorrows yet to go before entering ETERNITY. Acting like it will all be OKAY... NO, IT WILL NOT!!!

In Eternity things of the earth that we know so well will no longer have ANY relevance whatsoever!! But right NOW, things of earth should have just the ONE relevance. Instead of the temporal around us grabbing our mind, body, spirit, like we allow it to, what we SHOULD be using it for is actually clear as crystal - PURELY as a means of growing the SPIRITUAL in our OWN lives (e.g., read your physical Bible) AND in the lives of OTHERS (give physical money to help others to live)... ALL OF THIS MUST be via our

100% COMMITMENT to GOD!!! And THAT'S IT!!!

I'm pretty sure we all know in our head that spiritual growth cannot take place down here while the temporal is of such HIGH importance in our lives. And that NOT until we take the imperative of actually starting to RELINQUISH the things of this world can the spiritual begin to GROW. It's kind of like a BALANCE - one will be UP as the other is DOWN:

Spiritual has become STRONG here when the Temporal has been relinquished!

Here Spiritual is very poor, because the Temporal is still there, and it's very STRONG.

arrow-red-anim For the Christian, our focus can ONLY be that
our life here on earth is
for life with the LORD for ever and ever...

Thus EVERYTHING in our life should revolve around THAT!! And EVERYTHING that is NOT should be RESOLUTELY EXCLUDED!!! And that includes a whopping great PILE of things that we're DOING that have nothing whatever to do with eternity. And basically have nothing to do with God either – but still everything to do with US, which is not living the Christian life at all!

You see, THE WORLD truly HAS GOT Christians in its clutches. And it's not, repeat NOT at all EASY to get away from it - after all we're still LIVING IN IT! (I suspect many of you didn't need me to say any of THAT!) SOLUTIONS:

1. You have to become most EARNEST and SERIOUS with the Lord Jesus!
2. However, our FLESH does NOT WANT THAT AT ALL - and will FIGHT HARD against this!!
3. You will find it INCREDIBLY EASY to find reasons (and excuses!) why NOT to change your life and life-style!! - (OR your attitude to it).
4. So you have to really, really, really WORK AT IT - with ALL of HIS HELP that you can possibly GET!!


This is our determined route. Let's travel TOGETHER!!!

Continued in Part C...

- BM (with his Lady)

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