How Do You Eat an Elephant?

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Hmm... I think what's below is probably PRETTY IMPORTANT!! Thanks to SweetSurrender's post I'm writing this about the message "You and Me DECISIONS". She was commenting how you shouldn't pray something unless you really mean it. I totally agree. The words I wrote in that message are indeed something like a Covenant with God (I hadn't seen it that way till Sweets said this) and that certainly is very SERIOUS! So we don't want to do ANYTHING lightly in our Christian life and in our incredibly important Spiritual relationship with the Lord God, right?

Thing is, I have to continually be writing things that can never POSSIBLY hope to meet each one of you at the exact place you are in your Christian growth! So to try and "cater for all", as it were, I go for the best - and even for 'perfection'!! Which means that many may not be able to actually do anything with what I've said!! Yipes! So how DO you eat an elephant? A bite at a time! - and to grab a hold of, let's say: "I will no longer allow my FLESH to rule my life - controlling my life, my desires, my wants, my wishes, my plans and visions," requires one bite at a time, i.e., NOT trying to do that all at once, which is most likely impossible!!

A working SOLUTION: what I've personally done over the years is effectively change just a word or two in order to fit just where I am, e.g., instead of "Lord, I will no longer allow my flesh...", change it to: "Lord, I WANT to no longer allow my flesh..." (pretty easy, hey!) thus expressing your deep desire to the Lord of where you WANT to be, and what you WANT to do. I can assure you that this works!!

FACT: We can only grow in Christ slowly, pretty-much just one step at a time. BUT DO NOT EVER ALLOW THE ENEMY TO TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN NEVER HOPE TO DO [WHATEVER] (SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TRY!!!) Try already!!! (satan is a LIAR!!!) Set your sights firmly on "the prize" as Paul was known to say, and don't EVER quit, or give up working at moving towards the goal.

If all of that was totally OBVIOUS to you, then please forgive me! It's just that I well KNOW how the devil will do all that he can to put into your mind DISCOURAGEMENT as to your walk with the Lord. So I reckoned it was worth doing this Message. FACT: He CANNOT discourage you unless in your MIND and heart you LET him!!

Let's all keep pressing forward and upward like Paul said: PHILIPPIANS 3:13 ... but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize to which God is calling us upward in Christ Jesus. Works for ME!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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