The Tribulation and the Rapture - What Happens WHEN?

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I've previously mentioned about me not getting into prophetic matters much: (a) because so many disagree about them, and (b) we simply MUST focus on our daily life to get IT right - rather than taking up all of our time on prophecy (this can be a major trap!)

However, end times sure CAN look rather close sometimes, and so Beloved and I do always keep our eyes and ears open just in case someone good comes along! Which has NEVER happened - until just RECENTLY!! Hallelujah, and bless Your Holy Name, Lord!!! So I am going to introduce you to the man who's become my Mentor (tho he doesn't know me!) and who is quite clearly the BEST Bible Teacher I've ever struck in my 52 years with the Lord!!! His teaching on end times is as clear as it is good. I've said how I've re-read Revelation recently - which was to check out what he teaches. And I'm rapt with what I now understand!!!


As I've said he's an Englishman and a Minister of the Gospel, but I think for about the past 30 years or so (he now 79 yrs of age) he's been a world-wide Teacher, Author and Radio and TV Broadcaster. His name is David Pawson. A beautifully gentle man, and a gentleman, he has no arrogance, is loving and caring, yet quietly both definite and authoratative about the Scriptures!

I do love this story. A number of years ago he was asked to come and teach every book of the Bible to local churches in England. Next, others wanted to hear all of this too, so he redid the whole Bible and it was recorded and made available on cassette tapes, listened to by a great many people around the world. Then thirdly, he was requested to put it all into book form, which required quite a deal of editing. And finally, someone contacted him because they wanted it all to go onto video. So he redid the whole 66 books for the the 4th time on video! All of this took 8 years to complete!!


His approach is that whatever he's teaching about he will have researched and researched until it all "properly fits together" within the framework of the whole Bible!! This is obviously VERY important for Revelation, a very little of which I've set down below. He knows a great pile more than I do, but what God HAS taught me, I've not found one thing where he and I would disagree. That's a WOW!!! I love the clarity of his thought-processes, his common sense, and filled with the Holy Spirit all that he's learnt and now teaches to millions of others.

His books and tapes are available world-wide, some of his videos are on YouTube, and if you're really very keen to understand Revelation there's a free download of 10 sessions in mp3 format HERE. We're currently listening to them. I want to contact his Trust in England that I think is in charge of much of his books and media to see if it's possible to get a lot more onto the Internet for many more millions to access. THAT'S HOW GOOD HIS MATERIAL IS!!! Meantime Amazon has books of his (I reckon Sweets will be in that!) including new and really cheap used!


Alright... do you have any certainty about the Tribulation, the Rapture and the MilIennium? - like when and how things happen? Well, I'm going to mention just a couple of things from David's teachings that I can now see SO CLEARLY in the Scriptures!! First, Christians will go through the Tribulation, he says. It will be tough, and many who won't receive the Mark of the Beast will be martyred and receive from God the Martyrs Crown! (We all die anyway, so just imagine receiving such a Crown!) WOW!! (If you do receive the Mark you die twice - the 2nd death being hell!!)

Second, Jesus returns and we meet Him in the air. Third, with our new bodies we then reign with Jesus on the earth for 1,000 years. (I can't help remembering how Jesus seemingly could be anywhere He wanted to be, no longer BOUND like we are by earth's time and space!! (stuck at one place at that time) - that's way beyond EXCITING to me!!!) David says we will have important tasks and responsibilities to assist Jesus - ruling with him to maintain peace and justice, and being in charge of entities needed for the world to continue. Another WOW!! So learning leadership NOW is a good thing! (I've long thought God is training me for SOMETHING of some importance. Now I know!!)

I will continue to learn and profit from David Pawson's teaching as my Mentor. I hope you can also be blessed by the knowledge and wisdom of this Man of God!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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