Getting Guidance from the Lord - Closed and Open Doors

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There's a very common saying that if God closes a door He will open another one, i.e., closed and open doors being used as guidance from the Lord. I have some concern with this, because it's nowhere in the New Testament, but is man-made! I certainly understand that a closed door can be SEEN as a useful means of guidance for young or immature Christians. Nonetheless, it's NOT the way to go for the Believer seeking to find God's will, including many established Christians still using it.

To start with this procedure is far too simplistic. I see that if a door closes it can look like God saying, "I don't want you to do that any more. I've got something different for you." People will even say, "Something better!" But neither is necessarily so. To explain: if a door closes for me but I DON'T believe it is God's will, then I will ask Him to HELP me get it OPEN again! This happened to me in The Inner Room last year when mods closed the thread, and I was even removed from CFS!! I couldn't even view the thread or any part of CFS. Now THAT'S A CLOSED DOOR!!!

But I knew this was all wrong and that God wanted me to continue with Messages there. So for two months I worked at getting the thread reopened and me back on CFS. It was long and hard, with no certainty of success - but I BELIEVED so I persisted. Doing this ultimately succeeded - obviously!! This is a good example of a"closed door" NOT being what it looks like. (However it's true that, at other times, a totally closed BLOCKAGE can NOT be reopened!! - experienced THAT also!...)

What's of high importance here is that God wants to guide you via RELATIONSHIP, i.e., for you to LEARN how to hear (directly) from Him! The operative word being "learn", for it does have to be learnt! For some kinds of people, this comes easy! - seems to be no problem to hear Him! For others it can be a lot harder. For myself, for example, with a brain like a computer running 24 hours a day every day, *no laughing please - it's true!* it's not easy for me to hear from Him, and maybe even harder from His end (to get a word in)!!

The Holy Spirit helps with this. He's probably given you the words to speak to God!! That's okay because Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - three separate Persons - are nonetheless ONE. That is, One God: they are SO totally UNITED!! Before I continue, please note that the Old Testament FLEECE is not advisable to use. I've known people to use it in a time of desperation, and I understand that. I'm not even prepared to say that I disapprove, but it's still NOT the way to go, so do try not to do this.

A couple of things TO do as you're trying to learn to hear God's voice: try to keep it simple, and don't try anything 'fancy'. Let GOD establish the way He speaks to you, and follow through on that. I hope that may help some people, as it's something that I messed up, and messed myself up, and messed my relationship with the Lord over a considerable period, by not doing what I'm advising you here.

Finally, please don't be arrogant about, "God told me." Others mostly do not respond very well to that. And nor should they, as It's my belief that many who say that, God did no such thing!) So just aim to be gentle about that as well; careful and thoughtful, and NOT trying to be the great Spiritual person!

So we're all different - but we still need to learn to hear from Him. Because - God.. wants.. to.. relate.. to you!! He wants to TALK WITH US! He may speak via His Word. Many different ways! But He wants to guide you, He wants to show you the way - HIS way, because ours is hopeless!! He wants you to relate PERSONALLY to Him and say, "Lord, show me, tell me what YOU want me to know and do!" That's the way to get guidance!!

I pray for our great God to seriously bless and guide every one of you who've followed this series of Messages. Pile of love!!

- BM (with his Lady)

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