I Am Saved (You Too!!)

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In the Past I was SAVED by my faith in Jesus, from all my sin against God, transformed from death to life by His Holy Spirit, and implanted into God's wondrous Kingdom on earth. Yerterday I was still in the CONDITION of being saved from my sin. And Praise be to His precious Name, Today I am still saved! I firmly expect that Next Week I will STILL be saved. BUT...

... All of this is only possible with the PROVISO that I have learnt HOW "To ENDURE TO THE END". This means learning those things that God requires of me - because HE IS GOD! - and carefully ENSURING that I am DOING them!

My life is no longer my own, but belongs to the Lord God. I am TOTALLY HAPPY about that because I love Him, plus according to His Holy Word that's the only way my life can possibly work! I'm greatly enjoying a life of SERVING and PLEASING Jesus the King, along with blessings like love and freedom, and peacefulness and wonderful hope for my future - including in eternity.

Meantime I am never alone, for He is ALWAYS with me. His Spirit gives me the power and ability to live out ALL of the things He requires of me. I enjoy a growing RELATIONSHIP with my Lord and God and am growing in RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS (with less and less sin in my life). Thus I am a very happy man, with a strong confidence in the Lord of Him keeping me as His, so that I shall ultimately BE SAVED, changed, a glorified body, and with Him for ever and ever. Amen!

This is the true Christian life!!!

- BM and Mrs

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