Living "The Life"

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We can think about it, talk about it, even PRAY about it - but actually LIVING it is what counts!! Which, as I'm certain you already KNOW - is not always EASY!! In fact, many would probably say it's NEVER easy - and I'm not going to disagree with that!! (Interestingly, it basically is simple enough, yet it's still not easy!)

Alright, let me get to what I'm writing this "Gems" for. Many times in the past I've taken the posts of OTHERS, and written a Message based on them. Why? - because REAL LIFE stories are what REALLY hit our "funny-bone"!! - er, I mean, get out attention. Again why? - because we can most easily RELATE to them!!

Okay, here's MY PROBLEM!! Sorry, PROBLEMS! First, it's not at all totally EASY to take someone else's post, and make a good Message from it. Second, and WORSE STILL, people tend NOT to read them!! Why? - I truly wish I knew! (I 'suspect' that when their notification email comes, soon as they see it STARTING with a "Quote" of someone else's post, MANY switch out, and DON'T come to read that Message...)

Okay, I can't solve that problem - so all I can think to do is what I'm going to do now: click (HERE) and read Faithwoman's wonderful post - then read my response straight after it. WHY? - cos I reckon that you'll get as much out of reading this REAL LIFE living out of Faithwoman's Christian walk, PLUS my comments on it, as reading one of my Messages!

Course I may be wrong! (tho I don't think I am)... but then, that's part of our humanity, isn't it!!

God BLESS your day!

- BM and Mrs

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