What God Can Do With a Heart That's Wholly HIS!

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I came here to TEACH. That WAS - and still IS - 'my prime directive'!! That's what I THINK about, PRAY about, "LIVE" every day of the year (except for brief breaks like I've just had). All of which, of course, is a PURE GODLY MIRACLE that I can DO any of this!! When I started The Inner Room I didn't really think a lot about DISCIPLING (like I've done with some here - from half way around the world!!) even though I love doing it, and consider it AN ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL in the life of a new Believer. I soon learnt how EFFECTIVE it is when I did my FIRST DISCIPLING of numbers of 10-12 year old children, ALL newly-born into the Kingdom via after-school meetings I ran at the school where I taught. This was way back in the late 1960's!!

These "children" now have their own children, brought up in a Christian home and themselves belonging to the Lord Jesus! And NOW grand-children are being born to their children - AGAIN being brought up in a Christian environment!!! Three generations of Christians, who SO EASILY could have totally missed out (the original converts ALL came from NON-church homes!) Is this working for you? - sure does for ME!!!

Most ASTONISHING OF ALL, this particular kind of after-school meeting that God specifically led me to pioneer is now run in other countries; but even more MIND-BOGGLING is the fact that a SPIN-OFF from it led to a WORLD-WIDE children's work headed up by a fellow Queenslander!! She constantly travels the world to countries that we've barely even heard of, working with, and helping MANY CHILDREN'S WORKERS in those countries!!!

So today in 2009 KIDS AROUND THE WORLD ARE GETTING BORN INTO GOD'S KINGDOM -DIRECTLY because of that "unimportant", small, after-school meeting started in far North Queensland in about 1968!!! So... NEVER EVER, EVER UNDERESTIMATE what God can do with A HEART GIVEN OVER COMPLETELY TO HIM!!!! Jesus told us: MATTHEW 29:19 Go therefore, and make DISCIPLES of all the nations...

- BM, with his Lady

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