Provisions for Visions

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Oops, better define "Visions"... Faithwoman said: "THE LORD WILL PROVIDE.. ALSO IF THE LORD GIVES A VISION, HE WILL GIVE A PROVISION.." Absolutely!!! But something we need to understand is the aspect of TIME FACTORS involved in this IMPORTANT area of Christian living. FIRST is the matter of our NEEDS. Fact is that while God promises to meet all our NEEDS (not our wants), He may do this exactly when we need them (and maybe not a moment before!!) Our faith must WAIT in FULL TRUST for Him to PROVIDE!!

SECOND is the matter of Ministries and Ministry Visions. Here's an example of "TIME" concerning a Vision. For at least 25 years, I've had a strong Vision of support for Missionary work where MOST NEEDED in the world. Early on I managed to do this for a few years, even managing to triple-tithe to the Missionaries - until 2 nasty men embezzled ALL of our money and wiped my business out!! Grrrr!!! But I couldn't let that stop my Vision, and persisted in seeking to make money to reach those who haven't heard. (Yes, I was an ill man all of that time - "ya can't keep a good man down, they reckon!")

It was many years before my efforts bore fruit again. Or so I thought... Via the Net I suddenly managed to secure 4 large sums of money for my Vision - a very STRONG Vision by then!! Whoo-hoo!!! BUT... each lot got FROZEN in the banks JUST BEFORE we were to RECEIVE them! Not just ours, but countless billions of dollars of people's money around the world got frozen by evil men (very powerful bankers and such like). We've been waiting nearly a DECADE and are STILL waiting, our Vision on hold...That's the TIME FACTOR concerning a Vision - you may NOT be able to start TOMORROW!!! You may have to wait PATIENTLY, hanging in there for God to make it happen!!

- BM and his Lady

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