They Say Your Home is Where Your Heart Is!

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So my HOME is here, right, where I'm sitting now. It's where I live, and where I feel safe and secure! Here I am greatly blessed with comfort and all the necessities of life such as food, clothing, money, shelter, and so on. And I'm with my dearest Love of this life!

But of course, none of this is THE WHOLE STORY!!! It's a little like a holiday where you briefly stop over at a friend's house while they're away. It's COMFORTABLE and SECURE, and fufils your needs - just like home! But it ISN'T HOME, is it? And it would be plain CRAZY to think that it IS!!

The chorus says it well: "This world is not my home, I'm just a-passin' through." I'm VERY content with my "Special Friend's" place here that I'm staying in, just for the time being (I don't OWN anything here: the house is HIS, furniture is HIS, money is HIS -BECAUSE I AM HIS!!!

So our place TRULY has very LITTLE importance when compared to my true HOME!!! I much appreciate what we have here, but spend my time and money on the Spiritual NOT the temporal! My HEART is NO LONGER HERE - because my HOME is in heaven, with my LORD!!!

- BM, with his Lady

EDIT: While at your friends' place, would you try to spend money to, well, make it BETTER? Of course not! It's NOT your place - you're simply 'stopping over'!!!

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