Wringing Our Hands...

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inspired-by1 ... Faithwoman: HERE and HERE. "Oh Jesus help us all!" you said in relation to our bondages to things and "stuff", as we've apparently quite LOST sight of the fact that ONLY the Spiritual parts of us go through death and into heaven. (I say Amen to your prayer to Jesus!!!)

You also said how John the Baptist was focussed on:
[IMG].. confession of sins
[IMG].. repentance of sin
[IMG].. forgiveness of sins
[IMG].. baptism for sin,
while for FOOD and CLOTHING he ate locusts and wild honey and wore just a camel hair coat and belt!! The height of "fashion" we could say. And his SOLE life-task was to INTRODUCE JESUS to all the people!! WOW!!! How different are we in OUR life-focus and how we LIVE...

At the Cross, our LORD and SAVIOUR's example for us was that He had just the proverbial coat on his back (no doubt gifted to Him) - which the soldiers snaffled for themselves. And He said He had nowhere to lay his head. HOW UNLIKE US!!! What a CONTRAST!!! Have we lost the plot do you think?? I certainly DO!! - I think we've about lost it TOTALLY!!!

Faithwoman was wringing her hands about us "wasting God's money on materialsim of the world" while I stand back in pure DISBELIEF at how we supposed Christians live each day... Anyone really CARE about telling the LOST about Jesus, FEEDING the poor so they don't starve? Well, you can click on the banner at the bottom of this or any page and REMEDY both of these - RIGHT NOW!!! If you wish to, and I pray you will!!!

- BM, with his Lady

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