A Solution to a MAJOR Giving Problem!

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In a couple, if YOU wish to give specifically to the Lord, but your spouse DOESN'T, then what do you do? The solution is actually SIMPLE!! The PROBLEM itself applies to couples who are BOTH Christian as well as just ONE being a Believer, and also to the man as well as the wife (though the latter is certainly more common.)

So okay, Bondman writes about how EASY it is to give to the POOR and the NEEDY - like Jesus both COMMANDED us to, and gave His WARNING of the SERIOUS consequences to our SALVATION of FAILING to do so!!! Read the message, "Who Exactly Did Jesus Say Will Get Eternal Life?", and read Part 2 as well. But... your spouse either says NO, or maybe vibes disapproval, or whatever. I've written before how a wife could save up a few dollars here and there out of her 'allowance', doing without things (or cheaper) so that others can be helped!

I am absolutely CERTAIN you WILL find a way - and even ways, under TWO conditions: 1) That you are seriously DESPERATE to help those in NEED of our help, and 2) you earnestly PRAY to the Lord about this. Meantime here's how it works: THE HEART!! heart1 God sees our HEART exactly!! He KNOWS what it is that we TRULY WANT to do!! (please don't try to kid him...) You then get full "credit" from him JUST for your strong DESIRE!!! Please GET this: He counts that DESIRE as RIGHTEOUSNESS to you!! How wonderful is THAT!

Blessings to you all!

- BM and his Lady

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