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I remember one of my Carers many years ago now, who suddently said to me, "You walk in the Spirit, don't you!" I also remember being rather flabbergasted, as it wasn't something I'd thought about much. She'd been to a church that taught this, but sadly was not living it herself... Sure did get ME thinking though! Was I really walking in the Spirit? What did that MEAN, anyway?

Praise God that today I know a little more than back then!! To walk in the SPIRIT basically means living in the Spirit, ordering your life to please God: your life EMPOWERED by Him, Him ENABLING you to live as the person YOU want to be, because you know that's how your GOD wants you to be!! Just two verses after the well known record of the 9 aspects of the FRUIT of the Spirit, Paul says this: GALATIANS 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Which could just as correctly be translated as: "If we live BY the Spirit, let us also walk BY the Spirit. Good, eh!

When you are FILLED with the Spirit, then you can - and WILL - be WALKING in (by) the Spirit, LIVING in (by) the Spirit, PRAYING in (by) the Spirit - and even more things that in and by the Holy Spirit of the Living God your life will actually be enriched, and you will be growing in righteousness, living more and more like Jesus!!

My prayer is that this be so in YOUR life!!

- BM

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