Sometimes it Comes Down to the "D" Word

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Getting things RIGHT in the Christian walk can be mighty difficult at times, can't it! We struggle and fail - and probably even SIN... AGAIN!! And you feel dreadfully GUILTY because you already REPENTED of that failure or sin!!

"Repent" means to CHANGE YOUR MIND - which you've probably ALREADY DONE!! That is, said to the Lord, "I do NOT want to commit that sin any more." But if you DO sin again (a specific sin can sometimes take ages to get sorted), what then? You CONFESS and REPENT again!! Truly!!

Like I've said, God not only knows, but He actually UNDERSTANDS your HEART, and provided you truly WANT to do better, He forgives over and over and over. Oh, and about "WANT" to do better, sometimes it comes down to the "D" word: DESPERATION, i.e., you don't stop the sin until the day arrives when your DETERMINATION to please God OVERCOMES your desire to SIN!! That's DESPERATION (the "D" word), or what I mostly call "Your Desperation Quotient!"

Meantime, PLEASE DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT THIS!! Keep going - you can trust me that if you do, then the day will come when (with God helping you!) "Your Desperation Quotient" will give you the VICTORY!!!


- BM, with his Lady

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