Being 'Out of Control'

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Man, we don't much like that, do we? But what I'm REALLY talking about here is that "Jesus IS Lord!" Did you get told THAT when you got saved, OR just that Jesus is our Saviour? That's all I got!! No wonder it took me years to get anywhere much in my Christian life! But in time God organised for me to hear a taped sermon on "The Lordship of Christ". Whoo-hooo!!! He was Lord of my life SO FAST I'm sure it made God's head spin! *hee!*

And that's it, isn't it: Jesus HAS TO BE LORD OVER ALL OF OUR LIFE!!! Which means...what exactly? The words I love best of all go something like this: I'VE GIVEN CONTROL OF ALL OF MY LIFE TO THE LORD JESUS!! Because anything LESS than this means Jesus is simply NOT Lord of my life! And so to the Title of this Message: in giving over CONTROL of my total life to JESUS - I've freely ALLOWED MYSELF to BE and BECOME, "OUT OF CONTROL"!!

So have I LOST a lot, and LOST a lot of myself by doing this? NO WAY, HOSAY!!! I am more PERSONALLY FREE than I've ever been: free to be who I want to be and who He wants me to be! I LOVE being out of control!! I love JESUS being IN control!! As a bondman, a bond-slave to Jesus (that I've freely chosen to be - I 'pinched' this from Paul!) I live only to SERVE MY MASTER, at HIS pleasure: whatever it is that He wants!!! (There can be absolutely NO pride in being a bond-slave!) FACT: The more (of you) that you HOLD BACK, the more you LOSE OUT! Give JESUS full control of your life - you WON'T regret it!!

- Bondman (bond-slave to Jesus, for always)

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