Spirits (Good and Bad)

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There are no spirits, either good or bad, that are an "it". All are persons. An "it" cannot THINK and DO THINGS, right!!

On the GOOD side we have God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and His angels. On the BAD side we have the devil and his demons. You may have heard it said that he or she (acting dreadfully) has a "spirit". Well that would be VERY serious, for it means they are indwelt by a demon!! Please take GREAT CARE not to put this upon anyone without you are 100% certain they are demonic: as I've said before there are nowhere NEAR as many like this in our Societies as many would have us believe - and such people are mostly NOT acting in God's best interest in so saying!!

Then finally, a very important part of us is spirit. But as to our spirit, it seems to show forth as a 'mixture' of good and bad! Would that it could ALL be GOOD! But once we reach heaven then IT WILL BE ALL GOOD - forever!!

- BM, with his Lady

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