The Holy Spirit's Part in "Head and Heart" - Part 2

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R.G. LeTourneau, the inventive genius responsible for great and fast earthmovers like those which scoop up a great wad of earth from one place and deliver it to another place, all at full speed, was one of God's men - and ended with such a fortune that he REVERSE TITHED, i.e., gave God 9/10ths and kept 1/10!! Then he complained that 1/10 was too much and gave some of THAT to the Lord!!

He said in his book Mover of Men and Mountains** that he was a partner with God, and as I remember it was a 50:50 partnership. I would never dare to criticise this amazing man, but do think an equal partnership with the Lord is much too high. I've previously spoken of a 1:99 partnership of me to God. Maybe that's too far the other way! For now, shall we settle on 5:95 - because I've PROVEN over and over in my life that there can be SO LITTLE that I actually need to do!!

EXAMPLE: I want to love a person but have found it impossible to do so. I come to the 5% which will be my part towards getting this sorted. What I do FIRSTLY is decide that I'm really DETERMINED to get this done, then SECONDLY simply make a genuine decision of the WILL that I truly DO want to love them! RESULT: the Holy Spirit works to give me the ability to DO it! But He did the MAJOR part of 95%!!

You are a properly Born Again Christian, so in you dwells the Holy Spirit of God!! - else you cannot be born again!! FACT: because of this wondrous truth, we do NOT need to be a "Christian struggler"!! Actually it's highly counter-productive to do so, as in my love example above.

That is, I could STILL be struggling so hard to love this unlovable person - and getting precisely nowhere! When I admit to the Lord God that I cannot do this, but tell Him how deadly earnest I am about this happening - the Holy Spirit comes to my aid, and via my TRUST in Him, it may not be immediate, but it WILL happen!! I describe it like this: I take 5 pathetic steps towards Him; He then takes 95 powerful steps towards me - to meet my needs! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!

- BM, with his Lady

** Great read! Very cheap from

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