The Matter of 'Fixing' Others Up

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I'll start with a rather shocking statement of what I've observed over many, many decades: in our societies the most judgemental people are those who call themselves Christians! Why is this? One likely answer is because we know - in ways that unbelievers don't - what is right, and what is wrong. That's okay, but who gave us permission to use this to JUDGE others for their sins?

We are SO GOOD at doing this to fellow Christians, but the greatest foolishness is judging unbelievers, who often simply don't know any better; but even if they do, how can they possibly change? God is not in their life to enable this!! They are simply doing what unbelievers do!!!

But all of this is irrelevant anyway, because Jesus issued the strongest possible warning about being judgemental: Do not judge and critizise and condemn others, in order that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves. MATTHEW 7:1 You may know this command of Jesus well, but the question is, "Do you obey it?"

The next verse states: Dare to judge others, and you will be judged to the same degree! Here's the point about this: do you really want God to MOVE from His current position of where He's totally forgiven and (literally) FORGOTTEN all of your sin, suddenly coming at you as the Just JUDGE of all of YOUR sin and wrong?!! I can tell you with no shadow of doubt that I certainly don't!!!

So if we're not to JUDGE others, does this also mean we don't have to 'fix them up?' YES it does!! The terrible TRAP here is that you can usually SEE their sin much, much easier than you can see your own! It's SO easy to see the other guy's sin, right! - and want to judge him for it - OR even try to 'fix him up!!' No, no, NO!!

Here's a major TIP: if you can clearly see another's faults and sin and have 'feelings/emotions' about them, then it's almost certain that you will be guilty of the same ones!!! (That's probably why you're so aware of them.) So watch out!! Or better still, do as I started doing when I was about 22 - I started USING this to identify my own sins, so I could start working with the Lord towards fixing them!! Yeah!!

So you should love your brother and try to lovingly help him with his problems and his sins. But be very aware of your own, and ENSURE you're helping him in full agape (God's love!!)

- BM, with his Lady

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