Introducing: a New Addition to "The Inner Room!"

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We just added an ATTIC to the Inner Room!! *truly!*

It's called - tah-dah!! - "Reaching Higher", and this Introduction is the first one! I simply HAVE to tell you that the new Attic is all WONDERFULLY light and airy! - just like the Inner Room (after all, we do live in His LIGHT, don't we!), and also like the IR it's not large, and is constructed of inexpensive materials with NO fancy or expensive furnishings. A truly wonderful place to be!!

All this simplicity is VERY deliberate: to save money, which we then use to obey the Lord Jesus' command by taking care of those folks who are in dire need. (Read Jesus' serious commands about this HERE.)

I'm hoping to be able to make Reaching Higher messages different, such as less formal, somewhat 'SIMPLER', and rather more about THE FOUNDATIONS (basics) of understanding how to live our Christian life. I then expect that Inner Room messages will continue AS USUAL. That way you will be able to choose what suits YOU best!

Whether you're a new or older Christian, you may well find help and some great truths to learn for your life in "Reaching Higher"!


- BM and his Lady

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