Yes, but WHY Become a Christian?

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The title presents a reasonable question from an Unbeliever, don't you think... but what about you? Why did you become a Believing Christian? I can easily tell you why I did. I've said here in the Inner Room that I was always a God-seeker, and that's true. But a major reason I was trying so hard to find Him was that I didn't EVER want to END UP IN HELL!! -which fair FREAKED me out of my teenage brain!!

A fair enough reason maybe - what do you think? Well I always knew - and admitted - that it was a rather SELFISH reason! And maybe that's at least part of the reason I took SO LONG to become really, truly saved! Pretty sad actually...

Thing is that the main New Testament reason to believe in Jesus is NOT to save us from HELL at all. Jesus came to earth to die, WHY? - to save us from our SIN!! Y'see the SELF-CENTEREDNESS of our SIN-LIFE IS DEAD AGAINST A HOLY GOD!! Against His laws, His will, His desires for us, and worst of all against Who He is, and against HIM AS OUR GOD!!! THAT'S our dreadful problem: we care more about OURSELVES than anything or anyone else - but most of all GOD HIMSELF!! This could NOT possibly be more SERIOUS!!

So in actual fact, getting saved from the everlasting punishment of HELL is just a (rather wonderful!!) BONUS! Because what it's all about is us becoming LESS sinful and less SELF-CENTERED. BUT HOW?? - by searching and SEEKING to become more RIGHTEOUS (living RIGHT and doing GOOD!) This then means we're going to be becoming less SELF-CENTERED and SINFUL. Could you handle THAT?!!

And there's a wonderful BONUS to growing in RIGHTEOUSNESS: this WILL make your life WAY BETTER here on earth AND in eternity!! (yet NOT selfishly!!!) *Whoo-hoo!*

The Reaching Higher message above is a brief but VERY relevant INTRODUCTION to:

THE Most Serious Series of Messages that
I've done Here in The Inner Room.

A. I am going to soon start a Series for both Unbelievers AND Believers as to HOW to BECOME A REAL and TRUE CHRISTIAN BELIEVER. It took me YEARS and YEARS to achieve this myself! Hard years where I didn't understand why I just COULD NOT get my Christian life working properly!! - but I just couldn't fathom why...

NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY! I intend to START from SCRATCH in the Series - my definite aim being NOTHING LESS than us ALL becoming seriously SAVED according to the New Testament pattern!!

B. FIRSTLY, I do NOT want YOU to miss ONE WORD of this Series: quite Life-Changing if that's what you'd like, want or need!!!

SECONDLY, it will be for UNBELIEVERS as well!!! - for we'll be going back to BASICS, but BASICS YOU'VE ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT HEARD LIKE THIS BEFORE!!

Please do NOT then think that this will be 'way-out' or something like that! YOU KNOW ME WELL ENOUGH BY NOW! If it NOT CLEARLY in the New Testament I AM NOT INTERESTED!!! The Introductory Message above sets the scene for YOU for what's to come - expanded out a LOT, with wonderful and practical SPECIFICS and SPELT OUT clearly!! These are the LIFE-CHANGERS!!!

So be ASSURED that ALL the Messages in the Series will be FIRMLY and CLEARLY founded on the New Testament Scriptures - they will simply be going further into what His Word says, and this is what will enable them TO CHANGE YOUR CHRISTIAN LIFE LITERALLY FOR EVER!!! (no exaggeration!!!)

C. THIRDLY, I'm virtually finished preparation for the writing of the Series (yep, large TASK!! - PRAYER will be much appreciated!!) So I'm here giving you FAIR and DUE warning that I'll let you know about them starting to make sure you're right ready!!)

I see this as a sort of chance of a LIFETIME - so please don't miss out!!

Much love to EACH ONE OF YOU!!!

- BM and his Lady

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