Easter Friday and Sunday...

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We're remembering Jesus' death and resurrection over Easter time (though Easter should be remembered and celebreated every day!) On Easter Friday his DEATH and burial. Then on Easter Sunday He is gloriously ALIVE again. These two massive OPPOSITES are an EXACT PICTURE of the life of the CHRISTIAN BELIEVER!!

This is written by God in Romans 6, and especially vv. 1-11. Let's look at some truths He wrote for us there via Paul: ALL TRUE ONCE WE ARE BORN AGAIN IN CHRIST! NOTE: some of the things below are shown as true when we are baptised as Believers.

(a) We were CRUCIFIED with Christ, i.e., our old nature - our sin nature, or 'the old man of sin' - was crucified with Him.

(b) This makes us DEAD to sin, but ALIVE in Jesus!! Whoo-hoo, that works for ME! This being TRUE, we should aim to live it out!

(c) We were also BURIED with Him. PLEASE GET THIS: the old person whose sins we have -REPENTED- of (FIRST), then DIED and was BURIED!!

(d) But then came our RESURRECTION, in that even as Jesus was raised from the DEAD by the glory and power of the Father, so WE also share in HIS RESURRECTION: we are now ALIVE in CHRIST, in NEWNESS of LIFE!

(e) Being now ALIVE to God, we have left behind the old 'bad stuff', no longer WANTING to live in sin and unrighteousness, but to live a NEW LIFE of obedience to Him: growing into a life of RIGHTEOUSNESS - leading to HOLINESS!!!

We are now ALIVE in Christ - and DEAD to the old ways - THE GREAT NEWS being that the POWER of them has been BROKEN for ever! What AMAZING news!! Jesus died FOR our sin - so that we may now increasingly live in righteous ways to please our God.

Easter Blessings to all!!

- BM and his Lady

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