God... and Me

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I hope you won't think I'm silly by telling you this, but just a couple of day ago I was going from one room to another, with nothing especially in my mind at all, but all of a sudden a strong emotion overtook me and I burst out with:


Those are EXACTLY the words! - but what I CAN'T convey is the DEEP DOWN EMOTION I said them with. I hasten to add that this was NOT superficial emotion, not just excitement, certainly not getting carried away in any respect -- just deep-down, HEARTFELT PASSION towards my GOD!!

I can remember the VERY FIRST time that I said the words, "I love You," to Jesus. I'd tried to say them for some time, but they just wouldn't come out. It was a great day!! And this leads me to ask, "How come I belong so totally to the Lord? How did I get to that? WHY did I get to that? - a place I wouldn't exchange if someone offered me a billion dollars." I know what MY answer is: over time I've been deeply blessed by coming to see WHO GOD REALLY IS!! And THAT has turned my life RIGHT SIDE UP (definitely not upside down!! *haha!)

Seeing WHO HE IS, something EVERY Christian HAS to see (and continuing "Reaching Higher" messages WILL help you to do just that, okay), REBOUNDED back from the Lord to ME!! If I'd ever had any proper HELP in my Christian life this could/should have happened relatively quickly; instead it took a pile of time. But no matter, cos this REBOUNDING showed me WHO I AM!!!

OH DEAR!!! This revelation of my sin and sinfulness God expresses so pertinently through Isaiah: ISAIAH 64:5b In these ways [of sin] we continue; and we need to be saved. 6 But we are all like an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; so even my best possible GOODNESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS, at its VERY BEST, God says is like unto filthy rags!!!

And so the GREAT GULF that exists between God's UTTER PERFECTION and my HOPELESS SINFULNESS was IMPRINTED upon my mind, my spirit, my consciousness forever!! Okay, so did this all WIPE ME OUT and KNOCK ME DOWN?? No way!! It was so, SO POSITIVE!! Seeing Who HE is, and comparing ME to HIM shows me the way to FAITH AND to serious REPENTANCE!! And so to the life I now love and enjoy...

- BM, with his Love

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