Dealing with Life's Problems

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Ever since SIN entered this world, things have been MASSIVELY messed up! Instead of a Garden of Eden, we live in a world where PROBLEMS abound, and are the norm for all of our lives (and the norm for our local Governments, State and Federal Governments, and all the interactions of all the countries of our World!!!)

It's no surprise then that we may want to throw up our hands in horror, and ask God to please get us out of here! HOW DO WE DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS IN OUR LIFE, MOMENT BY MOMENT, DAY BY DAY, YEAR BY YEAR? Rich or poor, old our young, educated or uneducated, we all share in experiencing PROBLEMS both large and small - that can threaten to utterly overwhelm us.

What's the answer? IS THERE AN ANSWER?

YES!!! He stands astride the world, trying to get our attention! Patiently waiting - He wants you to see

THAT.. HE.. IS.. GOD!!!

That's both our starting point and ending point - and ALL in between. Of course, we can ourselves STRUGGLE manfully, trying to solve today's problems, and maybe even succeed, or succeed to some degree, but ultimately we will have to acknowledge that LIFE ITSELF is too much for us to handle. Makes no difference who you are, whether President or the lowest of the low, THIS IS MAN'S NEVER-ENDING DILEMMA.

But as Christian Believers we DO have a CHOICE here - of ONE of TWO things: we can endeavour to live with the centre of our being focussed on OURSELVES, or we can live our life with the centre of our being focussed on GOD HIMSELF. These are our ONLY two options! We've all tried the first of these, many times with results that were not all that wonderful!! Some of us have dared to try the second of them - AND FOUND ANSWERS, ANSWERS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!!!

God wants to be your personal caring Father to Whom you go with ALL THE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE - NOT JUST THE PROBLEMS!! We need to get into a new way of life and living and thinking where GOD IS AT THE CENTRE OF IT, NOT JUST AT THE PERIPHERY (OR EVEN NOT AT ALL...) Go to Him with EVERY PROBLEM, for He cares about every one - because He LOVES YOU!!! But if you get nothing else, PLEASE GET THIS: as you DO THIS, it is NOT about YOU. This is about YOU seeing and TREATING God as (YOUR) GOD!!!!

I wish I could somehow stress that MORE... And please also note that doing so is NOT AN OPTION, but an absolute ESSENTIAL!! Fail to do it and you'll inevitably remain all tangled up with YOURSELF and your PROBLEMS, not living anything like the true Christian life - without true JOY and PEACE, continuing to struggle with SELF and SIN. This is NO WAY TO LIVE!! It is NOT what God wants for you! You can remain WEAK and STRUGGLING and DEFEATED if you wish - or choose the route of becoming an OVERCOMER and a VICTOR IN AND THROUGH AND BY GOD HIMSELF!!


Blessings to all!

- BM and his Love

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