PRACTICAL Ways to Become Much Less Worldly! - Part 1

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... This is a continuation of the  Inner Room topic "You Truly CAN Live 'The Life' - Part 2"

Though I've done a reasonable amount on this lately, THIS ONE is GETTING VERY PRACTICAL ABOUT IT!! Worldliness is maybe not our VERY WORST problem in Western Christianity, but if we can FIX IT, then a whole lot of other things are either going to wonderfully fall into place for us, OR be a whole lot easier to sort out. Now, that's gotta be a good thing, a REALLY good thing, don't you think?


FACT: pretty much all of us live as PART of a very rich, consumer society, with about everything available that we could ever possibly want! Which sadly puts us way, way behind the eight ball before we even start!! That is, I DO NOT think it's EASY to become less worldly!! Yet we simply MUST do this!!! WHY? - "For if you live according to the flesh [including loving the world], you will surely DIE! But if through the power of the Spirit you are putting to death the [evil] deeds prompted by the body, you shall LIVE FOREVER. ROMANS 8:13 Amplified Bible (enhancements mine).

So if, like me, you actually prefer to LIVE forever(!), then let's check out some PRACTICAL things to help ACHIEVE this. Firstly, I wonder if you realise that being WORLDLY is an ATTITUDE!! It's not so much what you DO, as what and how you THINK! The Bible expresses a wonderful truth that God looks on the heart, and He does!! 1 SAMUEL 16:7b Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. He's looking at our... yep, ATTITUDE!! So the first thing Beloved and me set about doing towards reducing our worldliness was to change our attitude and thoughts and feelings about life - and especially about THINGS ("stuff!!")


Second, getting our attitude right ultimately paid incredible dividends for us.Instead of kind of FIGHTING OURSELVES, i.e., constantly trying to FIGHT OUR personal desires and wants and feelings and dreams, and so on (which didn't work!!) -WITH a changed, far more GODLY approach, hey, it started to become a whole lot EASIER to deal with this MASSIVE problem!!


Third, we started working on seeing the world from GOD'S PERSPECTIVE, NOT from ours. Whoo, that made a MASSIVE difference!! All these things around us - I doubt He even notices them! HE'S BUSY LOOKING AT YOU ONLY!! (Came into the world with nothing, go out the same way.) God's view, and persective and vision is all SPIRITUALLY FOCUSSED. Material things are only of value when they SUPPORT the Spiritual!! Go for a major breakthrough: pray and consider, and think - and pray some more, and more still, and CRACK THIS CHANGE!!!

Continued in Part 2 "Is Living Less Worldly Simpler Than We Thought?"...

- BM, with his Lady

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